Frequently Asked Questions

What is geosciences? Geosciences is the branch of science that  includes all fields of natural science related to the planet Earth. Geoscientists work in climate science, environmental consulting, mining, oceanography, petroleum, earthquakes, volcanoes, and planetary studies.

Am I eligible? See eligibility requirements. If you are not sure, feel free to ask or just apply anyway and explain your situation! We want to encourage as many students from diverse backgrounds to apply as possible!

Do I need to be a Geosciences major or a STEM major? No- if you are within your first two years of college, students with any major or no major at all may apply to the program. Very few people start college with the intention of being a Geosciences major (hardly anyone knows it is an option!). We want to reach people who find the geosciences fields interesting and are willing to spend time to learn more about them regardless of major.

I thought GO FoRWARD was a month long program? In previous years (2018-2022), GO FoRWARD was a month long program, but it is different in 2023.  This year, we have several fun fieldtrips planned.

Are there jobs in Geosciences? YES! One of the important aspects of GO FoRWARD is to introduce you to real life geoscientists who can talk to you about career paths. More geosciences jobs than geoscientists exist. The UWM Geosciences Department even has a special program called LET’S GEO to link their students to career information and mentoring.

Is there a cost to participate in GO FoRWARD? No! Participants will be have all their expenses paid for participation in the summer fieldtrips.   This will include transportation from UWM to the fieldtrip sites, admission fees, and lunches. Students will need to provide their own: 1) housing in Milwaukee, 2) transportation to/from the UWM campus, 3) payment for parking on campus (if required). All other costs are covered or provided.

What do I do if I need housing during GO FoRWARD? Unfortunately, since this year’s program is only on selected dates, we do not have UWM summer housing available for GO FoRWARD students.

Who do I talk to if I have questions? Please reach out to our email ( or the program director (