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Frequently Asked Questions

What is geosciences? Geosciences is the branch of science that  includes all fields of natural science related to the planet Earth. Geoscientists work in climate science, environmental consulting, mining, oceanography, petroleum, earthquakes, volcanoes, and planetary studies.

Am I eligible? See eligibility requirements. If you are not sure, feel free to ask or just apply anyway and explain your situation! We want to encourage as many students from diverse backgrounds to apply as possible!

Do I need to be a Geosciences major or a STEM major? No- students with any major or no major at all may apply to the program. Very few people start college with the intention of being a Geosciences major (hardly anyone knows it is an option!). We want to reach people who find the geosciences fields interesting and are willing to spend time to learn more about them regardless of major.

Do I need to be available for the entire GO FoRWARD dates (June 21-July 15 with meeting on Mondays-Thursdays 10 AM-4:30 PM)? Yes, for the summer program, participants need to be available for the entire program. If you are an incoming UWM student, we ask that you schedule your new student orientations for days that don’t conflict with GO FoWARD.  If you are interested in participating in GO FoRWARD, but these dates don’t work out for you, please contact us. We would welcome you to join in summer social events and ongoing events throughout the summer and academic year.

Are there jobs in Geosciences? YES! One of the important aspects of GO FoRWARD is to introduce you to real life geoscientists, many of whom are UWM alumni. More geosciences jobs than geoscientists exist.

Is there a cost to participate in GO FoRWARD? No! Participants will be paid a $2000 stipend for their participation in the summer program. All students will need their own: 1) housing in Milwaukee, 2) transportation to/from the UWM campus, 3) payment for parking on campus (if required), and 4) lunches. All other costs are covered or provided.

What do I do if I need housing during GO FoRWARD? UWM has several affordable summer housing options.

What safety precautions will you take related to covid-19? Everyone in the program will be required to follow UWM covid-19 precautions including wearing masks and maintaining prescribed distances from other individuals.  We are still working out the details about how to conduct the research projects and employer visits under UWM guidelines. Everyone over the age of 16 is eligible for covid-19 vaccinations in Wisconsin, and we strongly encourage all participants to get vaccinated.  UWM has a vaccination clinic that is open to the public.

Who do I talk to if I have questions? Please reach out to our email (goforward@uwm.edu) or the program director (dyanna@uwm.edu).

What is GO FoRWARD?

GO FoRWARD is a program offered through UWM’s Department of Geosciences. Through funding by the National Science Foundation, GO FoRWARD provides first and second year undergraduate students from groups underrepresented in geosciences a paid opportunity during the summer to learn about the geosciences discipline and its career opportunities. There are experiences throughout the academic year to maintain the GO FoRWARD community.

Students in GO FoRWARD will get to:

  • Learn about the geosciences in a fun atmosphere.
  • Conduct research in the geosciences.
  • Meet working geoscientists to learn about their careers.
  • Experience one-on-one academic mentoring from faculty and geoscience students.
  • Create friendships.
  • Join a supportive academic community.
  • Earn a $2000 stipend.

During the summer GO FoRWARD program participants: 

The summer program is back in 2021!  Applications are already closed for this year.  If you are interested in getting involved with Geosciences research or career programs, please email Dyanna Czeck (dyanna@uwm.edu), and she will help you find opportunities.



Apply to GO FoRWARD 2021


Students must be undergraduates at UWM or MATC in their first two years of school (or equivalent credits). UW-Waukesha and UW-Washington County students also qualify.  Students starting college in the Fall are welcome to apply for the preceding summer.

The goal of the GO FoRWARD program as sponsored by the National Science Foundation is to increase the number of students in geosciences from groups that are underrepresented in the geosciences relative to their proportions in the general population. We encourage applications from undergraduate students who identify as members of groups that have been historically underrepresented in geosciences, including: Black, African American, Native American, American Indian, Native Pacific Islanders, Native Alaskan, Hispanic, Latino/Latina/Latinx, and others. Not sure if you qualify? Please ask or just apply and explain your situation. We want to open this experience to as many student as possible.

Students must be available to attend GO FoRWARD events on Mondays-Thursdays 10 AM-4:30 PM between June 21-July 15, 2021.


Application Process

To apply online, please follow this link and fill out the online form. You will not be able to save your application prior to submission, so make sure you have time to complete the application when you start it.

For the online form, you will need to provide basic contact information about yourself, information on how many college credits you have completed so far, a statement about why you are interested in the program, and short descriptions of your experiences related to geosciences (it is OK if you don’t have any experience yet!). You will also need to provide the name of a faculty member or teacher who will write a recommendation letter on your behalf (it is a good idea to ask them first if they will be able to write the letter).  They should send the letter directly to the GO FoRWARD email gofoward@uwm.edu.

Be sure to check out the eligibility criteria before you apply.

In addition to the online form, you will need to submit a transcript (unofficial is fine) to GO FoRWARD via email (gofoward@uwm.edu). 

Applications are closed for Summer 2021. Stay tuned for applications to be open during Spring Semester 2022 for Summer 2022!