During the summer GO FoRWARD session, students participate in research projects focused on one area of geosciences, either Fossils, Rocks, or Water.

For 2021, we are still planning the best way to conduct our research projects while following UWM safety guidelines (covid protocols).  Stay tuned for updates to the projects.


Fossils Project

The bedrock underneath Milwaukee tells a 400 million year old story! In this project, students will get outside and explore the fossils found in the local carbonate bedrock and unravel the fascinating tale of the creatures that inhabited the warm inland seaway preserved in the rocks. We’ll bring all the data back to the computer lab to learn data entry and some statistical tests.


Rocks Project

Ever hear the phrase ‘strong as a rock’? If rocks are so strong, why are they full of cracks? Students working on this project will visit local quarries and learn how to measure fractures with geologic compasses. You will be able to interpret if the fractures were caused by ancient tectonic plate collisions or if thick glaciers pushed down on the rocks.


Water Project

How much water flows through a river? In this project, students will enjoy time at a local river and learn the technique of stream gauging. You will get hands-on experience with equipment and be able to answer questions of how much water is there and how fast does it move.