It’s never too early to start thinking about your career — even if you have no idea what that career might look like! LET’S GEO is a career-readiness program in the Department of Geosciences at UWM. Developed in conversation with employers and funded by the National Science Foundation, LET’S GEO can help you explore many options to visualize your career.

We realize your busy schedules make it challenging to take on new commitments. So LET’S GEO allows you to participate in program components that interest you, in any order, and as your time permits.

Eligibility and How to Join

LET’S GEO is designed for UWM students interested in Geosciences careers. Some components are available to all UWM students: 

Other LET’S GEO components are available to all declared and intended Geosciences majors, minors, and graduate students: 

Get matched with a professional geoscientist mentor

Based on your background and interests, we’ll pair you with a professional geoscientist mentor working in the public or private sector. Complete a series of defined career-related exercises with your mentor to receive a $200 stipend.

Don’t know what type of job you want yet? No problem! Your mentor can help you learn more about different fields and types of jobs. And you can repeat the program each semester with a new mentor with a different type of job.

Application deadlines in September and February.

Learn how to improve your resume

The resume is a key document in a job search, and tells employers what kind of experience, skills, and accomplishments you have.

Learn about

  • what goes into a good resume;
  • how to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for; and
  • get feedback from professional geoscientists who want to help you get a job!

Obtain your HAZWOPER certification — required for many jobs 

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training is required to work on many geoscience-related job sites so that you can respond appropriately in emergencies.

Having this certification on your resume will give you a leg up in your internship or job search. The 40-hour training is offered during winter break at no cost to you ($500 value).

Take career-development mini-courses for credit

Polish your professional communication skills, learn about the legal and regulatory framework under which many geoscientists operate, and work through real geoscience case studies. A series of three, one-credit (1) short courses is offered in Spring semester.

Professional Geologist Licensure Preparation

Some jobs may require you to become licensed as a Professional Geologist. The first step is passing an exam to demonstrate your knowledge of geology fundamentals. Our alumni tell us that is most easily done soon after graduation, while coursework is still fresh in your memory.

Learn more about the licensing process and participate in exam review sessions. Get your exam fee paid by successfully completing the review series ($209 value).

Hear from professional geoscientists in a range of careers and industries

Department alumni and other professional geoscientists visit the department to talk about their jobs and their career paths. Take advantage of the chance to chat with these people who love to talk with our students!

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Learn more about Geosciences careers

UWM Geosciences graduates find rewarding, in-demand careers solving problems faced by our communities and answering questions about how Earth works. They go on to work for environmental consulting and geotechnical firms; local, state, and federal government agencies; schools and universities; nonprofit environmental groups; petroleum and mining companies, and more!