person looking working on her resumeThe resume is an important document that you will need in your job search as a professional geologist. Your resume is your marketing tool, and it pays to spend time thinking carefully about what you want it to say.  Even if you don’t know what type of career you want to pursue yet, you can use your time and experiences at UWM now to make your resume stronger.

Submit your resume to by November 15, 2022 for feedback from professional geoscientists!  Scroll down for more information. 


Learn More About Good Resumes

Explore some of the resources below to learn more about resumes. What is a resume? What purpose does it serve? What information can I put on my resume if I’ve never worked as a geoscientist? What can I do during my time at UWM to make my resume stronger? What is a cover letter and how does it work with the resume?

  • UWM Career Planning and Resource Center website: Read more about resumes and schedule a appointment with a UWM Career Advisor to discuss your resume.
  • Attend a Geosciences Colloquium where you can learn more about resumes and get your questions answered. The next event will be held in Fall 2022.  Check back for more information.


Get Feedback On Your Resume

LET’S GEO has partnered with some of our alumni and other volunteers who are working professional geologists. These volunteers will review your resume and provide you with tips and helpful feedback to make your resume stronger.

Who is this for? 
Anyone!  You do not need to be close to graduation or know what type of career you want to have.  You also do not need to have any geoscience-related work history. You probably have all kinds of valuable transferable skills that you developed elsewhere (communication, dependability, organization, computer skills, etc.)  Read more about this on the UWM Career Planning and Resource Center website.
Why should I do this? 

Even if you are many semesters away from graduation, thinking about your resume now may help you make choices about how to use your remaining time at UWM.  A well-written resume can also make you more competitive for part-time or summer jobs or internships in (or out) of the geosciences field. 

How should I do this?

Review the excellent tips presented by the UWM Career Planning and Resource Center. In particular, you will see a link on the right-hand side for “Resume Examples.”  Choose one of these that you like the best and use it as a template to create your resume (the first 4 options are likely good choices).  The “Resume Packet” (also link on the right-hand side) has some good prompts to remind you of items to include on your resume. Note- if you want to keep your resume anonymous, let the LET’S GEO team know ( and they will make sure to remove as many identifying features (your name) from your resume as possible before it is sent out for review.

When should I do this?

Deadlines are in Fall and Spring. The deadline for Fall 2022 feedback is November 15, 2022. Email your resume by November 15 to  If you miss the fall deadline, you may reach out to the LET’S GEO team with resume questions:
What type of feedback can I expect? 
Our volunteers will review your resume and give you tips. Are you highlighting the right information?  Is it easy to read and understand?  Are you giving all the necessary information an employer wants to see? Are you demonstrating skills and accomplishments by providing specific examples? 
E-mail if you have any questions.