Career Skills Mini-Courses

As part of the LET’S GEO program, the Department of Geosciences is now offering a series of three, 1-credit mini-courses covering different career-readiness skills.  These courses were developed in consultation with our industry partners and feature many of our alumni and local employers as guest speakers. The three courses offered during the Spring 2022 semester are described below.  We expect these to be repeated each Spring semester. You may take all three in series during a single semester.  Or you may pick and choose according to your interests and available time.

Courses offered Spring 2022

  • Professional Communications in Geosciences:  Learn more about how to prepare well-written resumes and cover letters; how to prepare professional reports and email correspondence; hone your oral presentations skills; and much more.
  • Regulatory Review: Most working geoscientists must operate within state and federal regulatory frameworks.  These regulations are designed to secure our safety and protect our environment, our resources, our cultural artifacts.  A basic understanding of these regulations is a huge benefit when starting out in your career.
  • Case Histories: Learn about how a typical work project might progress. From identification of the problem, to designing the scientific approach, to interpreting the results, and preparing a report for your client.