UWM Faculty

Dyanna Czeck

Dyanna Czeck has been a geosciences professor at UWM since 2003.  She loves to study rocks that have been deformed during ancient plate collisions.  In particular, she enjoys looking at rocks that were squished deep within the earth.  When analyzing these rocks, she measures structural features in the field, observes beautiful patterns under the microscope, and employs mathematical models for more rigorous fun.  As an undergraduate at the University of Iowa, she was inspired to learn more about the natural environment after enjoying canoe trips in the Boundary Waters and exploring the Lake Superior shoreline in her native Minnesota.  She proposed the GO FoRWARD program because she wants everyone to have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the natural world and pursue rewarding careers in geosciences.  She is excited to work closely with GO FoRWARD students.  When she is not at work, she enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, listening to all kinds of music, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with her family.

Scott Schaefer

Scott Schaefer earned his Masters of Science in geology at UW-Milwaukee in 2012. After graduating, Scott worked in the North Dakota Bakken Oil fields as a well-site geologist providing services such as gas-chromatograph analysis, stratigraphic interpretation, and geosteering. Scott is currently a lecturer in the UWM Geoscience Department and also teaches natural science courses as an instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). An avid paleontologist and paleoecologist, Scott makes multiple trips to fossil localities around the Midwest of North America each year, frequently with many eager undergraduate students in tow. In addition to lecturing and leading and coordinating field excursions, Scott conducts geoscience lectures for general audiences on a regular basis to share his fascination with local and regional geological sites of interest to further the community’s interest in the sciences.

Beyond the sciences, Scott is also a history buff and self-proclaimed “music Junkie”. A short list of favorite genres include, classical symphony, 20s – 50’s jazz, 1970’s funk, Grunge, Metal, and Indie. When not jamming out to any number of random music selections or out wandering around in the wilderness, you may also find Scott in the kitchen cooking up home-made BBQ sauce, Jambalaya, or hand-made polish sausage!

Charlie Paradis


Charlie Paradis

Charlie Paradis joined UWM in 2019 and focuses on teaching and research on contaminated groundwater; nearly 3/4 of Wisconsinites rely on clean groundwater for drinking! He is shown in this picture conducting visual and manual characterization of soils and sediments from a uranium-contaminated aquifer in Oak Ridge, Tennessee; he did his PhD nearby at UT-Knoxville. Charlie enjoys working in the laboratory and in the field with students with a wide range of abilities and experiences to increase the accessibility to geosciences. Growing up, he was much more interested in sports than science. Once out of high school, he worked as a commercial truck driver for two years, before he was sidelined by a physical health issue. It was then he decided that he needed to pursue a career which required a higher education and soon found a friendly home in the geosciences!

A summer experience hosted by the UWM Department of Geosciences and funded by the National Science Foundation, dedicated to increasing the diversity, equity, and inclusion of students majoring in geosciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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