Current Funded Research Projects:

  1. DHHS, NIDILRR. Multifunctional Robotic Assistive Arm (mR2A) for Activities of Daily Living Assistance, 90DPGE0018; 09/01/20 – 08/31/2023
  2. NSF, Innovation Corps – National Innovation Network Teams Program, I-Corps: Wheelchair Mounted Robotic Assistive Arm (WMR2A), NSF Award #1848912, 09/25/18 – 08/31/2021.
  3. NASA-Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, Research Infrastructure Program, Coordination Control, and Obstacle Avoidance for a Team of Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environment, NASA Training Grant #NNX15AJ12H, 06/01/2020 – 03/31/2021.
  4. Connected System Institute, UWM, Building a Digital Twin of an Actuator in ANSYS and PTC ThingWorx: A step toward the development of the digital twin of the CSI testbed. June 2020 – July 2021.
  5. UWM Discovery and Innovation Grant Award, Wearable Upper Extremity Exoskeleton Robot for Rehabilitation, July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022
  6. NASA-Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, Research Infrastructure Program, Adaptive Coordinated Control of Multiple Mobile Manipulator Robots: An Analog of Multi-Robot Planetary Exploration, NASA Training Grant #NNX15AJ12H, 03/01/2019 – 11/30/2020.
  7. NASA-Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, Higher Education Incentives Grant, Introducing Coordination Control of Mobile Robots Course to UWM-ME Program, NASA Training Grant #NNX15AJ12H, 03/01/2020 – 03/31/2020.
  8. H. Rahman (PI), Asif Swapnil, Assad-Uz-Zaman, Ivan Ruilk, M-WREC Eaton Tech Challenge, Flexible PCB Based Modular Inductive Proximity Sensor, 02/21/2020
  9. UWM Research Foundation- Catalyst Grant (Supported by Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation), ‘Light Weight, Powered Hand Rehab Glove’, 08/30/2018- 02/2021.
  10. NSF, I-Corps: Enhancing Regional Technology Commercialization, Smart Shoulder Rehabilitation Device (SS-RED), NSF Award# 1829202 (sub-award), 10/28/19–10/27/2020.
  11. Fareh (PI), M.H. Rahman (External Co-I), S. Khadraoui (Co-I), M. Bettayeb (Co-I), T. Rabie (Co-I), Source of Support: University of Sharjah, UAE, Development of an Intelligent Robot System to Instruct, Demonstrate, and Supervise Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation Session, 10/01/2018–09/31/2021.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Human arm Kinematics and EMG Activity Analysis in Performing Activity of Daily Living
  • Co-operative control of a team of mobile robot manipulators
  • Design, Development and Control of a 7DoF Modular Therapeutic Robot for Rehabilitation
  • Development of a Wheelchair Mounted Robotic Manipulator for Assisting in Activity of Daily Living
  • Lower Extremity Prosthesis: Design, Development and Control
  • Integration of Oculus Rift and Kinect in LabView Environment for Teleoperation of NAO Robot for Rehabilitation
  • Motion Control of NAO Robot in ROS Environment
  • Development a Robot System to Simulate Upper Extremity Disabilities
  • Autonomous Navigation of a Mobile Robot in Unstructured Dynamic Environment
  • Development and Control of an Intelligent Social Robot
  • Upper Limb Spasticity Quantification Using EMG, EEG, Muscle Resistance, and Facial Expression
  • Development a smart control strategy for rehabilitation and assisting daily upper limb motion
  • Development of a Motion Analysis System with Non-Visual Real-Time Feedback for Remote Treatment and Prevention of Movement Impairment
  • Design and Development of a Robot Guided Rehabilitation Scheme for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation
  • Metrics Identification Towards Development of Clinical Decision Support Tool for Electromyogram Interpretation
  • Analysis of subjects’ EEG and EMG Activities in Performing Activity of Daily Living
  • Design and Control of a Robotic Assistive Device for Hand Rehabilitation (RAD-HR)
  • Intelligent Control of a Symbiotic Wearable Robot for Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation

Completed Support:

  1. Mohammad Rahman , Kurt Beschorner , National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, R21OH010038: Quantifying The Recovery Response and Role of Hand Strength During Ladder Falls, 9/1/2012-8/31/2015.
  2. NSF, I-Corps: Enhancing Regional Technology Commercialization, Powered Hand Rehab Glove, NSF Award# 1450586, 02/14/18–02/13/2019.
  3. NSF, I-Corps: Enhancing Regional Technology Commercialization, Kinetix: Assistive Robot for Wheelchair Users, NSF: I-Corps, NSF Award# 1450586 (sub-awards), 10/06/17 –03/31/2018.