COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students will design and analyze computer-controlled mechanical systems. Topics include: principles of embedded, real-time systems, microcontroller architecture and programming; review of relevant electronics, digital input and output, polling and interrupts, analog to digital conversion, digital to analog conversion, sensors and sensor interfacing, pulse-width modulation (PWM), motors (DC brush, servo, stepper) and motor interfacing, microcontroller communications; development and testing of mechatronic systems.

Here are some student projects from the past:

Fall 2016

Name Tag GeneratorRobot Guardbot Guardbot Personal Defense Robot Receiving Robot
Automated Drink Dispenser Myobot Cellphone Charging Rover Hand Gesture Controlled Mobile Robot Robot Aided Metal Casting Manufacturing

Spring 2017

Beach Pirate Rover Chuck-Bot Incredi-Mow Incredi-Mow Path Clearing Robot
Search and Rescue/Aid Delivery System Search and Rescue/Aid Delivery System Hand Gesture Controlled Quadcopter Retrieval Putt-bot #1Fan! Robot Project
Projectile Launcher Robot Mini Autonomous Vehicle with Security Access Technology BREWCE

Fall 2017

Automated Fire Suppressing Robot Delivery Quadcopter Roaming Fire Truck Hunchback Robot Hunchback Robot
Fire Fighting Robot Cadd.E BOT SLAPBOT Bomb Defusing Robot ForeBot
Automated Warehouse Robot Automated Bartender Remote Industrial Aid Device

Summer 2017

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3