Patents / Disclosures

Patents/ Disclosures

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  3. Mohammad Rahman, Asif Swapnil, Md AssadUzZaman, and Tanvir Ahmed. (2019). Multi-functional Robotic Assistive Arm, IP 1643 (status: on-hold, active).
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  6. Mohammad RahmanMd Assad Uz-Zaman, Md Rasedul Islam, and Roger Smith. (2017). Invention disclosure: OTT/IP-1584: Intelligent robot (iRobS) system to simulate upper-extremity (UE) disabilities. (Status: on-hold, active).
  7. Mohammad Rahman, Md. Assad Uz-ZamanMd Rasedul Islam, Shaohua Liu, Imad Mougharbel, and Maarouf Saad. (2017). Invention disclosure: OTT/IP-1580: Light Weight Scooter Foldable into Carry-on Luggage. (Status: on-hold, active).
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