On Going Research Area

  1. Rehab Robotics​

    • Exoskeleton robot
    • End-effector type robot
    • Tele-Rehabilitation
    • Mobile Robotic Exoskeleton
    • Hand (Finger) Rehabilitation
    • Hand and forearm rehab device
    • Cable Driven Rehab Robot
  2. Social and Service Robots​

    • Teaching Nonverbal Gesture Communication To Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Through The Usage Of Modeling With The Nao Robot
    • Real-Time Mobility Assistance for the Legally Blind
  3. Assistive Technology​

    • Multi-functional Robotic Manipulator (MFRM) for ADL Assistance
  4. Prosthetics​

    • Wrist Prosthetic Device (WPD)
    • Wrist Wire Actuated Prosthesis (2WRAP)
  5. Collaborative Robots​

    • Multi-Robot Cooperative Tasks
  6. Mobile Robots, Space Robotics​

    • Coordination Control and Obstacle Avoidance for a Team of Mobile Robots in Unknown Environment
    • Proposed Adaptive Coordinated Control of Multiple Mobile Manipulator Robots: An Analog of Multi-Robot Planetary Exploration
  7. Biomechanics​

  8. Biosignals​

  9. Sensor Design​

    • Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) based modular inductive proximity sensor
  10. Control and Automation

    • Advanced Manufacturing Systems