Tech Challenge prize giving event during M-WERC Demo Day 2020

From right to left: Adam Krug (Director of Industrial Control Division, Eaton Corporation), Jacquin Davidson (Managing Director, M-WERC), Alan Perlstein (CEO & Co-founder, M-WERC), and the BioRobotics Lab team.

BioRobotics Lab Has Received 5 out of 14 ME Chancellor Awards: 2020

Five graduate students from our BioRobotics Lab (highlighted above) was recipients of 2018-2019 Mechanical Engineering Department Chancellor Award for outstanding research productivity. From left to right (highlighted): Md Rasedul Islam, Javier Dario Sanjuan De Caro, Asif Al Zubayer Swapnil, Mehran Rahmani, and Md Assad-Uz-Zaman.

Productive BioRobotics Lab