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The Biorobotics lab at UW-Milwaukee works with previously gathered data in order to create a design whose aim is to assist disabled individuals. These individuals may have lost their function of motion due to a stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, occupational injury, sports injury, etc. Although not directly involved in the therapy for these individuals, the goal of the Biorobotics lab is to both shorten the disability period for those individuals, as well as improve their quality of life.

Biorobotics Lab

The Biorobotics lab, run by Dr. Mohammad Habibur Rahman, focuses on the design, development, and control of wearable robots that can rehabilitate and assist physically disabled individuals whose upper and lower extremities are impaired. These wearable robots are designed for the individual to use to rehabilitate, and ultimately, be able to leave the wearable robot behind.


By enabling disabled individuals to be able to care for themselves, the UWM Biorobotics lab hopes to improve the mobility, independence, and quality of life of that individual, while reducing the burden on families and communities. Through the work of the Biorobotics lab, the rehabilitation process is shortened for disabled individuals.


Ph.D. Students: 7   Master’s Students: 7
Visiting Scholar: 1   Undergrad Students: 3


PostDoc: 1   Ph.D. Students: 2
Master’s Students: 7​   Visiting Scholar: 3
Undergrad Students: 45+


Disclosures: 10​+
Publications: 115+​
Citations: 1500+​


Biorobotics Lab

Mohammad Habibur Rahman