Appendix I-b-1: Transcript 1

Transcript No.1



1.1 Exploration 1 begins at 00:03:14 (think aloud and logs)

First of all, I need to get the top of the page. <Num lock on, Num lock off. Arrows down. Enters skip to main content> I want to skip to main content because I don’t want to waste my time here. I did that last time. <Headings> See what kind of headings we have. That’s my first stop. We have digital collections and there’s ways of…I’m just looking right now to see what’s on this page and I’m using the headings command, the letter H, to see what headings are on this page. <Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] And now I’m going to next look at my links list because that’s the way that JAWS helps to tell me what’s on the page. And since I don’t know what you’re going to ask me to do, I’m going to see what kind of links there are. <Windows classes dialogue box. Escape. Windows classes dialogue box. Escape> I want the links list. <Placemarkers. Heading level 5. Looking for links list> I recall at home hitting Alt F7 and finding the links list and it’s not working here. <Windows Classes dialogue box. Escape> Oh, that’s why… <Links List> There, I was pressing Alt 7 instead of Alt F7. Helps to have the function key. <Arrows down links list> How much time do I have left? (7 minutes.) Thank you. <Arrows down links list> America singing. Band music from the Civil War. That’d be kind of fun. <Arrows down links list> Now that I’m in the links list, I just kind of doing every letter search to see what kind of links are around the page. Now, if I knew what you were going to ask me, I’d start doing some searches for the actual keywords but we’re not there yet. <Types J. No Js> [chime] No Js. Hope you don’t want us to look at that photographic collection. Music, I don’t know anything about that either. Newspaper. That could be…could be big and scary if they don’t have the newspapers in a form I can read. <Types letters to go down links list alphabetically.> How much time do I have? (6 minutes.) <Enters letters alphabetically to go down links list> There’s a lot of stuff on this page. Local history and folklore. I don’t know. No Xs. There’s got to be lots of interesting stuff on YouTube. No Zs and no Xs. Alright. <Escape> Now I’m just gonna go through the links as best I can. I’ve only got about 3 minutes left. I’m going to use the headings and refamiliarize myself to see if there’s anything I might be interested in. <Headings> I like the headings because if I want to look at subjects I can do that. If I wanted I could clearly do a search for various topic areas, although the page has a lot on it and I may not have gotten to what you’re going to ask me about. There certainly are ways to find out the information if I’m smart enough to do it and can think of all the ways you can use. But the page seems like it’s got it’s links well labeled. Audio recording. If you asked me about that. That’d be nice. <Wrap to top> [chime] <Arrows down featured content> Right now I want to see what the featured content is and hope you’ll ask me something about the featured content because it’s there. So I’m just going to use my down arrow key to see what my options are into featured content. <Arrows down through featured content> (One minute.) One minute. <Arrows down featured content. Arrows down to digital collection> Time should just about be up. As we got towards the end I see that there’s a combo box of things to view. And depending on what you’re asking I may look in this combo box to see what happens to be in there and see if it will help me do any searching. But there are other way to search as well. So I think our time is up, is it not? (Yes.)


Exploration 1 ends at 00:13:12


1.2. Post-interview begins at 00:13:19

(What approach did you follow?) I used some of the JAW screen reading commands to get at the information, the heading option to look at some of the headings on the page, the links list to see what links were available and they all seemed well labeled and well marked, the headings were easy to access. I was able to do that. Since we were just exploring, those were the primary things that I used to access information on the page. The first thing I did though was I got to the top of the page, I did want to skip to the main content to get rid of the boiler plate stuff that appeared that would have taken more time than I wanted to take to look at so I wanted to try and get at what kind of information would be on the page so I used the headings and the links list to get at those particular items. Just a brief scan of the page.

(3 challenges?) I didn’t find anything difficult, to be honest with you. I found the page, for what it was, which was a main page, was well laid out and they didn’t try to..they didn’t use their judgment to tell me what I wanted to see. They really put everything on that front page. Some may find that very cluttered. It could be viewed as that in some ways because anytime you go to a website, you want to find what you want to find. You don’t want to find what somebody else wants to find. But I didn’t like that they didn’t try to make that judgment for me. I guess, if I were looking to find something in 30 seconds, this would be a tough page to use because there’s so much on this page that you do have to figure out what you want to know and figure out what technique you will use to find it. And had you given me less time than 10 minutes I would have probably used the JAWS Find command to search perhaps for something a little more specific. And that’s probably what I’m going to use in the future when you decide that your question’s something about on this page that I may not have even seen yet so that I can try and get at the information quickly. But as far as difficulties, I didn’t really look at forms to see if there were any forms to use or anything like that. Combo boxes, I just saw that one at the end. I don’t know how good or bad it was because I ran out of time before I saw it and so I don’t know if that’s going to be an issue where that’s going to make things easier to find or more difficult to find. But the fact that there’s a lot of information on this page, some might find this very…they may say there’s too much information on this front page. Make it fewer choices and let the pages underneath the main page get more information. The main page gives a lot and some people may find that off putting but I was kind of glad to see it. I’ve seen other pages where they judge what you want to know at the top and then say what you’ll find underneath. Well, I don’t know what I want to know until I see it. They really put everything out there. This is a very large meal to eat.

(Desired features?) In general exploration, no. I thought that…again, as I understood the question it was just to explore the page. When we get to a task, then we’ll see how easy it is to find information on that page but if we’re just looking at it saying, ok, there’s  a lot here, there’s a lot to find, that was easy enough to do.


Post-interview ends at 00:18:36


1.3 Task 1 begins at 00:21:08

Now, I didn’t see anything on the exploration of the page about civil rights or anything like that but now that I know what we’re looking for, we’re going to use the JAWS Find command first to see if on the main page either civil rights or Rosa Parks comes up on the main page. I have a feeling it will not but we’ll see. I’ll search for Rosa Parks first. <JAWS Find. Types ‘rosa parks’. Enter. No results> [chime] It did not. So we’re going to try for civil rights next. <JAWS Find. Types ‘civil rights’. Enter. No results.> [chime] <Escape. Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] Ok, since nothing on the main page came up with civil rights or Rosa Parks, I’m not going to use that combo box I saw right at the end of the last exploration task to see how I can search the Library of Congress to find out information about Rosa Parks. <Edit> [beep] <Types ‘rosa parks’> Ok, I saw JAWS had suggestions enabled so I now see that there are apparently some choices I can look at to see what’s here. <Tab to search button. Enter>


Search. <Enters search again> We’re searching. See what it comes up with. <Arrows down to combo boxes> I’m now looking at the page that came up under search results and I don’t think it’s going to come up with anything because I did something wrong. <Arrows down to result> Oh, Rosa Parks Papers. <Reads result> I’m going to look at her papers. This is the best way to do it. We’re going to look at the papers to see what might be here. <Enters result>


We’re going to see about this collection. <Arrows down tabs and featured content. Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] I could be looking at her papers for a long time to find this needle in a haystack so… <Edit> [beep] <Types ‘when was rosa parks arrested?’. Enter> I’m going to type in a question to see if it tells me when Rosa Parks was arrested.


See if it tells me something. <Headings> I’m using the headings to see what’s here. <Headings to results. Reads results. JAWS Find. Types ‘arrest’. Enter> Type in arrest to see if there’s anything. <Reads result> February, 1956. Let’s see if this….I’m going to poke in this photo and see if it tells me anything about the date. <Enters result>


How much time? (About 8 minutes.) Feels like it’s flying by. <Reads result> I have the month and year so far. I don’t have the date. <JAWS reboot pop up appears> Can you stop your time? We gotta reboot. Let me see if I can bookmark this thing. <Adds page to favorites> Ok, I’ve added to favorites, now we can reboot and go back to where we were. <Interviewer navigates>


Pause task at 00:30:04


Begins again at 00:32:35


What I want to do is find the date that this was taken and whether it’s going to tell me, I don’t know. <Reads page of result. Headings> Now I’m going to just read down and see what’s on this page. <JAWS Find. Types ‘february’. Enter> I’m going to use the JAWS Find. <Arrows down. Wrap to top> [chime] <Enters skip to main content> I skipped to main content. Now I’m using the headings. <Headings> I can’t even get full on access to this. See if I can find anything about this item. <Arrows down page> It’s just not going to tell me the date, specifically. <Alt Tab. Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] <Edit> [beep] I have a feeling there was something else I was supposed to tell you also. <Alt Tab. Looking for the instructions> (Looking for the instructions?) Yeah, please. <interviewer opens Word doc. Reads instructions. Alt Tab to DL> How much time do I have left? (You have 3 minutes.) Thank you. <Headings> If you’d let me use Google, I’d find out. <Headings to bottom items. Wrap to top> [chime] <Edit> [beep] <Types ‘WHEN WAS ROSA PARKS arrested in 1956’. Enter>


<Skip to main content. Arrows down to results> Ok, I have typed in ‘when was the date Rosa Parks was arrested’. And I’m looking at combo boxes for list and relevance. I’m going to see what comes up. I obviously made the wrong choice. I’m looking at a photo, which I thought would give me the exact date. <Headings down filters. Wrap to top> [chime] <Arrows down to filter links. Alt Tab. Wrap to top> [chime] <Arrows down to results combo boxes> Ok, it’s gotta be time. (Yes.)


Task 1 ends at 00:39:18


1.4 Task 1 post-interview begins at 00:39:33

(What approach did you take?) I tried to find it when she was arrested by typing in when was Rosa Parks arrested. And the first thing that came up was a photo and I had hopes that the photo would have an actual full date. All it came up with was the month and year, which was nice, but it doesn’t give me an exact date. And this is where there’s so much information available it’s hard to know where to look for it. Because there was no way I could figure out within the time period to use the library to find out where to find an exact date and had I had Google I would have typed in and I think I probably would have gotten an answer as to an exact date but the library wants to show you all the places that might have the information and 15 minutes wasn’t enough time to figure out what to look for and where to look to find it. There’s no way to type in what was the actual date and have it come up with an actual date because it knew the photo as a date on it. February, 1956, that’s great. But in history class I’d fail the question because I think it’s looking for the actual month and year and date. And I never found it with the skills that I had. (Any other problems?) Just figuring out where…I found the photo. I selected to look through her papers and it may have been a bad choice. Had I looked further I might have found something else that might have provided more information but the papers looked like an easy spot to go for it so I went for that choice and once I went down that rabbit hole I kind of…I didn’t go back and maybe I should have gone back to the original search, the main page, and made another choice but I was somewhat convinced that somewhere in her papers that would be mentioned. And be in a place where to me it seemed like pretty easy question for a search engine to come up with an answer to and obviously libraries, the way their search engines work isn’t necessarily the way commercial ones do.


(Which features were useful or not useful?) I don’t know how to answer your question because all the features of what? Features of their page or of the screen reader? I’m not quite sure where you’re going with your question. (Of the digital library.) Ok, now I know where you’re going. With the headings, none of it was useful in the sense that I couldn’t figure out how to get an answer to my question. Headings didn’t work, links list didn’t work as far as trying to get to that particular information. And I am very conscious of time and I kind of got locked up on that and it was hard to think of where else to go because once you get started on a spot you want to try and get the question answered. But I didn’t know quite where to find the information once I made a choice. The paper seemed a logical choice, there probably were other choices I could have made but since I didn’t have all the time in the world, I figured I could choose one way and see if I could add it that way. And that was not particularly a wise choice, I guess. I wanted to make sure I was using the library’s things to find this information out and apparently my skills weren’t good enough during the 15 minutes to find it. And I’m not versed enough in…I know libraries…use their particular rules in how to find things. I just didn’t figure out how to find that piece of information. Maybe I could have put it in quotes. I didn’t try that, I probably should have. In hopes that that might have brought me to somewhere where I could have gotten the answer to that question. I should have tried. It’s there, it’s just the rules the library uses to get at, at least initially, I didn’t find the right key to unlock the door. And I don’t know that anything about the site was useful or useless. I don’t use digital libraries a lot or as much as I could. And probably should have before I came here today.


(Desired features?) I guess it would be nice to have somewhere on the page to have a tutorial on how to find something specific that you want to know. In other words, if you want to find a specific date, how do you find what…that’d be a perfect example, you want to find out a date and all that’s on the photo, for example, is the month and year. That’s not good enough. It would have been nice to have something, and maybe there was, maybe there is something on that page. I didn’t even think of doing a search for a tutorial. As to how to search for things you get the exact piece of information that you want. But the piece I want may not be the piece that somebody else wants and it’d be self evident once you use these particular kinds of facilities a lot. It’s not inaccessible but it’s not necessarily user friendly as it would be. That’s where you get into…there’s so much information on these pages that it’s hard to know when you’re on a deadline where to go, where to look.


Task 1 post-interview ends at 00:48:42


1.5 Task 2 begins at 00:50:58 (think aloud and logs)

<Edit> [beep] <Types ‘san Francisco great earthquake’. Enter>

The first I’m going to do is type in the keywords san Francisco great earthquake and see what comes up on the main page. <Headings> And I’m now looking at headings to see what comes up. I’m using the headings command to see what’s under headings. <Wrap to top> [chime] <Heading List> I’m using the headings list. <Arrows down headings list. Escape> That didn’t help so I’m going to go back to the instructions and see how to spell San Francisco. <Alt Tab to Word. Reads instructions. Alt Tab to DL. In search edit box, types ‘”sn Francisco great fire and earthquake’”. Enter>


<No results because of misspelling. Edit> [beep] <Checks spelling. Selects text. Deletes text. Types ‘”san Francisco great fire and earthquake”’. Enter>


<No results> I’m doing something wrong because it’s not coming up. So… <Suggestions enabled> It doesn’t seem to like quotes so… <Edit> [beep] <Deletes text. Types ‘san francisco’> There are 40 suggestions for San Francisco. Let’s see if using the links list will get me… <Window classes dialog box pops up. Escape. Chooses ‘san Francisco san’ from suggestions. Enters search>


We’re going to hit the JAWS Find. <JAWS Find. Types ‘earthquake’. Enter. Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] <Headings. F7 caret browsing. Escape. Links List. Arrows through list> (What are you doing at this time?) I’m looking in the links list to see what of this stuff might have to do with the Great San Francisco Earthquake. I know that there are films to be looked at and there seem to be some other choices but…I see where the early films of San Francisco before and after the great earthquake might be but it seems to want what other options are there and there should be more than one choice. So…let’s see what’s in the films. <Enters film item link>


So there are early films to look at. <Links List> So I’m looking at the links list to see what kind of choices are there to be made. And there are various films, so if I wanted to look at these I could. <Escape> What I would like to do is go back and figure out if there other things to look at. And I’m sure that there are. How do I go back? <Arrows through browser menu looking for back command> I’m trying to figure out the JAWS command to go back without closing the page. <Navigates through menu. Escape> I’m trying to figure out where the back command is in this thing. I’m not finding it so we’re going to go back to digital collections because I don’t want us to go off the page. <Enters Digital Collection to go to homepage>


<Edit> [beep] <Types ‘san Francisco great earthquake’. Enter>


I’m typing this in because I wanted to find the other choices that I have to make. How much time do I have? (About 5 minutes.) <Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] <Links List. Arrows down list. Escape. Headings> Find my search. <Arrows down filters> I’m looking if there are other ways to find other documents. <Enters Local History and Folklore subject> I’ve selected a heading local history and folklore to see if it brings me any other information. And this seems to be a good choice. I’m using the headings. <Headings to results. Links List. Arrows down list. Escape. Headings down filters. JAWS Find. Types ‘fran’. Enter> I’m looking at this page and I’m finding… <Headings> not enough to tell me what I want to know if there are other documents to be had. How much time? (3 minutes.) Thank you. I found the films and my guess is there’s other stuff to find here. <Heading list. Escape. Navigates search edit boxes> The digital collections seems to be collapsed. <edit> [beep] I’m trying to figure out where I can go to get something other than these films. I’m sure there’s something to be had. <Headings. JAWS dialog box warning of 40 minutes almost up. Escape> Ok, we got 6 minutes so we’ve got time yet. You’ll have to reboot for the next one. <Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] How much time? <Links list. Escape. JAWS Find. Types ‘cisco’. Enter. Reads result text. Arrows down results. Headings up to digital collections> Right now I’m just looking on this page. I am not finding..I know there’s more information in these films and I’m just not finding the other stuff and I can tell you why when we get to the critique.


Task 2 ends at 01:06:08


1.6 Task 2 post-interview begins at 01:06:18

(What approach did you take?) From the main page I used the search feature to try to find information on the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. I tried using quotes and hoped that would bring up something. It did not. I tried to just type in words. It brought up some things. It brought up films of that period, before, during and after but I wasn’t going to find any other information. Any documents, anything like that. What was on that, once I got to the films page, once I got below San Francisco my next trace was to look at something from New York, and I didn’t want to look at something from New York. I wanted to look at other things from San Francisco. I forgot how to get back to the stupid main page. I wasn’t sure how trusting the search feature was to take me to other stuff. And I’m sure there’s more than just these films but I don’t know how, at least in the 15 minutes, to find it. There’s again some sort of, I’m sure there’s a way that they have these things set up so that you can go and easily find what you’re looking for but I don’t know the rules of this page. And not understanding Library of Congress rules or how to search for things is a real hindrance with…so we just..I am just not finding the correct key to using this particular page to find out what I need to know. And if I were at home and I really wanted this information I’d take an hour to try and find it. I’m happy to take time and try different things and try and find what I want to know if the information is interesting enough to me. But this is not a page that one finds things on quickly because, at last I haven’t figured it out yet. Once I do, and there’s a lot of good things I know are on these pages. They’re loaded with information. It’d be fun to check but for completing a 15 minute task, this page is a real booger to figure out how to do. And it’s not just screen reader stuff, it’s not knowing how to find…maybe I haven’t found it. There may be a way to limit results but I’m not finding how to find just the stuff on San Francisco that I’m sure is there.


(Features that were useful or not?) Trying to find using the headings and links list just didn’t seem real helpful because there was…whatever page I found I seemed to be stuck on that page and there was one things on San Francisco but I expected to find more. I expected there would be some way to just type and limit oneself to information about San Francisco and I haven’t found it. There’s lots of other things, there’s all sorts of other choices I could make but I didn’t see a way to get away from other choices that I knew were going to be useful to me during the time that I had.


(Desired features?) Yes, I’d like to find some way to do a search so I could find what I wanted and not other things. If I do a search for San Francisco stuff, I don’t want to see stuff about New York or Chicago or someplace else and I thought quotes would help with that. Clearly there must be some other algorithms they use other than quotes. I know there are some search engines that use plus, minus, and I don’t know. Or, but, not, I don’t know. I never got terribly well versed at some of those things. Today it may be more helpful. More helpful if I recalled some of that stuff but I don’t think most people search with those arcane things. People just want to type in terms and come up with information. While this page is a great place to explore things and look at things, it’s a hard place to find things. Because it’s like having everything in one big mess on the floor and you’re to find the needle in the haystack. I have to figure out how to find the needle.


Task 2 post-interview ends at 01:13:17



2.1 Exploration begins at 01:53:02

I’m going to skip to the main part of the page. <Headings. Let’s first check to see if there’s a help menu unlike the first page. <Window classes box, looking for Links List. Escape. Window classes. Escape. Links List. Arrows down. Types H looking for Help page. Escape> Let’s try the JAWS command. Is there a help? <JAWS Find. Types ‘help’. Enter. No results> [chime] And there is no help. So we’re just going to have to look at the page and go through the headings and the links list which were the techniques we used on the first page on the Library of Congress page. Links list first. <Links List. Arrows down> Welcome To and What’s New is the closest I see to a help page. <Arrows down> Getting started. Let’s see about getting started. See if that tells me anything. <Enters Getting Started link>


Right now I don’t have a real good idea of what this page is except for a bunch of links that go to different schools and colleges. And this particular library. <Headings. Arrows down to read page> We’re going to bookmark this page because there’s at least some information that tells me how to do things. <Navigates browser menu. Adds page to favorites> Enter this page, this getting started page, because I’m thinking I might need to go back to it. I’m assuming that we’re guest users at this particular facility and that logging in to most of this stuff is not going to help us but we’ll see. <Arrows down> Landing page legal, well that’s always a relevant place to find out all sorts of fine print things. <Arrows down page to account registration info. Arrows down to links at bottom. Wrap to top> [chime] <Arrows down links from top> How much time do I have to explore this mess, I mean, this page? (3 minutes. You can try a search.) <Windows classes dialogue looking for links list. Links List> I’d ask you if I need to set up an account for this but my sense is that is a question you could not answer. <Escape. Enters Search link>


<Headings. Escape. Internet Explorer not working message. Webpage cancel. Escape. Tries to move around page but there is nothing there because IE stopped loading page. F5. Opens Library of Congress Digital Collections homepage. Num Lock on. Num Lock off. Escape. Headings> There we are. Whoops, I got back to the wrong page. <Alt Tab> How did I manage that? <Navigates browser menu. Opens Open dialogue box. Escape. Headings. Escape. Navigates browser menu. Enters Exit. On Word Doc of instructions. Alt Tab> I seem to have closed the webpage. I’ll see if it opens up. <Types I to find Internet Explorer. Opens Internet Explorer in menu to LoC digital collections homepage. Navigates browser menu> How do I get back to the page I need to be on. That’s ok. I somehow closed out the page I was supposed to be at and am back at the other page. (Nevermind. It’s ok.) <Interviewer closes browser.


Exploration ends at 02:05:28


2.2. Post-interview begins at 02:05:32

(What approach did you follow?) First thing I did was I tried to find a help page but there wasn’t really a help page for this one that was clearly marked. So I kind of went down the links list to see what was there and there were lots of different schools and colleges and lots of library choices. So I finally did see a getting started page, which I did select. And selected that and then I tried to figure out, because there is some information on how to do a search, oh, I bookmarked the thing. Why didn’t I just go back to the bookmark? Oh well. I did find that so I was able to find a way to search. What I’m not sure of is whether I need to register an account with this before I start this. And I asked you that and I don’t think you’re able to tell me whether I’m able to do that or not. Am I going at this as an outside user or do I have to register for an account at this library to get into it? Or can’t you tell me? If you can’t tell me, that’s find. I’m going to make an assumption that I’ll go in as an outside user and do the best to find what I can. Because I can’t imagine you’re making your participants register for accounts there. (Yeah, I register…you can also access from the outside.) That was my thought. Whatever you’re going to ask me, I’m hoping I can get it from the outside. If not, well, I’ll spend some of my time registering then. We’ll figure it out.


(Any challenges?) Lots of things to choose from. Libraries and schools and whatever that I’ve not heard of so it didn’t seem logical to explore each of those pages individually because it didn’t seem like good use of the time that I had. But there are a lot of the links on the page whereas the Library of Congress page had choices that made sense, like African history, American history, Civil War and so on. A lot of the page labels that are on this particular site, I don’t know if I want to look at some music school or if I want to look at some art particular collection. I could look at these things but I don’t know if that would be a good use of my time so I just kind of looked at the links or headings that were there. I didn’t see a lot in the headings that was going to help me much. And there were so many links that I didn’t quite know what to focus on so I just kind of gave a general look to the links that were there and just used the links list or used one letter or another letter and see what was there. See if anything was going to be useful to me and the getting started page at least had something that it gave me some idea of what I might want to do to get into these collections. I have a page from which I can search or browse. And we’ll see if browsing or searching helps me do any of these tasks that are coming up. I don’t have any idea how that’s going to work yet.


(Desired features?) I guess it would be helpful on this page if things had a little more organization to them, in other words, if schools and colleges, I don’t want to see all the schools and colleges listed on the top page. Just give me a schools and colleges list so if I want that I can go there. If I don’t want that then I can look at some other list. This page needs more organization that’s a little….that would be more helpful. In other words, I’m coming into a school not knowing, I’m assuming this is a university and I don’t know their language, I don’t know their abbreviation, I don’t know anything about them, and it would be nice if things were a little more organization, like schools and colleges, libraries, collections, I did see a what’s new and while I thought that would be fun and interesting to check out I didn’t want to spend my 10 minutes doing that.


Post-interview ends at 02:11:00


2.3. Task 1 begins at 02:12:26

<Enters skip to main content. Alt Tab to Word> I never heard of geometric abstraction. <Alt Tab to DL. Shift Tab to search box. Arrows up along top menu of DL. Tabs to search edit box> [beep] I’m going to type in, just do a general search for Josef Albers and see if anything comes up. <Types ‘joseph albers’. Enter>


I see they put it in quotes here, which is interesting. <Enters skip to main content> Skip to main content is what we’ll do. <Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] <Headings to filtered search. Arrows down> Lots of choices here to make as to classification. Shared shelf. And I’d like to say I knew what to select and I have no idea. I see decorative arts, utilitarian objects and design, drawings, watercolor, audio/video, paintings. I’m going to assume this guy’ done some paintings, I’m going to choose paintings. <Enters paintings classification> I think he’s from North America. <Tabs down left column to Date> Now it wants me to choose a year. <Types into date box ‘1930’. Arrows to sorting tabs above results> It’s asking me if I want to search within results. <Arrows down> I now found 65 results for Josef Albers. It says the first is unavailable, previous is unavailable. <Arrows down to results> Now I’m getting some choices of, I guess, paintings to pick from. <Headings. Wrap to top> [chime] <Headings down left filters. Wrap to top> [chime] <Links List> I’m now looking at options that might be available from my search results page that came up under Josef Albers, 1930s and there are various paintings to choose from. Thumbnails. And I’m going to go back to the instructions because the instructions are hard to remember. <Alt Tab to Word. Alt Tab to DL. Headings down left filters. Wrap to top> [chime] And now that I’ve got back to the page, I’m trying to figure out how to get back focused to where I was. <Links List> I’m back to looking at the list of choices of paintings, which may be correct and may not. I have no idea how I’m going to find out what art gallery any of these things is at. <Arrows down links list. Escape> Geometry…do a keyword search for geometry and geometric to see if anything helps me with any geometric abstraction. <JAWS Find. Types ‘geometric’. Enter. No results> [chime] <Escape to close dialogue box. Links List. Arrows down. Escape. Alt Tab to Word. Alt Tab to DL. Arrows down left side column of filters> I’m going to fail art class already, I know this because I don’t have any idea how to search this stuff. Except for I know I found lots of choices of paintings. I’m sure there are other, he has done other things but painting seems the most logical. <Enters Paintings classification filter> I have no idea how to find where any of these art galleries would be. What art gallery it would be at. <Headings down left column to Date> (You have about 5 minutes.) Okay. <Arrows up left column filters. Arrows up page menu. Space to open Browse tab> I’m trying to find a way I can do a general search because there’s so much in the specific searches boxes to choose from, I don’t know what to choose. There’s photographs, there’s paintings, there’s maps and other things. I don’t have a clue on where to look to find this person. So I’m looking under browse. <Arrows down browse dropdown. Arrows up to top of page. Arrows through top browser menu. Enters Getting Started from Favorites>


I’m going to the getting started page, which is where I was before and see if I can do some search from there that’ll help me out with this person. <Arrows down page. Wrap to top> [chime] If I didn’t have 2 or 3 minutes left, I’d go for additional training, but I don’t so… <Arrows down. Edit. No edit boxes. Arrows down top of page. Headings. Enters search link to search overview page>


<Headings. Arrows down Most Viewed links at bottom. Enters Webinars link>


<Headings> That’s what I need. Direction to the platform. Tell me I can get out of my misery. (We can go back to the actual site.) <Interviewer navigates back to homepage. Internet Explorer crashes> I’m not going to find it in the time that’s left.


Task 1 ends at 02:27:12


2.4. Task 1 post-interview begins at 02:27:18

(What approaches did you take?) I tried, I figured that the first thing I would try on this page, since I didn’t really find a whole lot of help on how to do it, on how to search for items on this page, was to use the advanced search, so I typed in his name. It asked for dates, it asked for the type of image you were looking for and I was able to find painting, I assumed that that might be the best choice to make. I didn’t think he’d be under photographs, I didn’t think he’d be under maps or anything like that. So I made a judgment of painting and I did see a list of some paintings that apparently he did. But I didn’t see anything..I also saw the list of paintings but he did quite a number of paintings and I had hoped that something would have geometry or geometric but nothing did. And I doubt that if I had selected one that it would have told me what art gallery it was in but maybe it would have. But I didn’t find the answer to your question in any shape or form so you can give me a big, fat zero on this one. I didn’t find the information that was desired.


(Challenges?) There is…I found a webinar to learning about their platform and clearly I need that webinar because that page, if you’re a library major study you might know how to find stuff on this page but I kept hoping for Google to do a search and just find something. I honestly think I would have found something about this guy but not with this library search engine. I didn’t find a way to find an answer to their questions.


(Desired features?) It’d be nice if you could type in a question so that I could say ‘what paintings by Josef Albers involved geometric abstractions?’. That would have helped and then maybe I would have come up with something but with all the choices and filters I could have done, I didn’t know anything about Josef Albers, still don’t except that he did a bunch of paintings. And I don’t know how to fill in their filters to find out the information that I needed to find out.


Task 1 post-interview ends at 02:30:18


2.5. Task 2 begins at 02:30:17

I’m thinking I should call on Apollo so he can find his own images but we’ll see if I can find any. <Enters skip to main content. Shift Tab. Tab to search box> [beep] I’m going to type in Apollo and images. <Types ‘apollo images’. Tabs down left column. Enters Skip collection list. Arrows down. Wrap to top> [chime] <Headings> I’m trying to figure out where to…it keeps putting in geography. I don’t want geography. <Tabs down left column> It keeps telling me featured collection. Honestly, I don’t understand how to make their search feature work to find what it is I want to know. And there only seems to be this advanced search. I can’t find a general search, which I would love to start with, so I can at least find something so I can figure out what to go to. And I tried skip collections and that didn’t help me any. Now I add something in this search filter. Featured collection. <Arrows down left column.> There’s a list of 332 items. Let’s see if I can get a links list to help me in some way. <Links List.> That’s not going to help me because I’m an outsider at the institution. So we’re back to looking under classification, which is…performance art, performing arts and so on. <Enters Classification link>


We’re going to move to the link. <Headings. Links List. Arrows down. Escape. Arrows down browse links> I don’t know how to make this search thing do what it needs to do. Seeing if I can find anything having to do with Apollo. We’ll keep trying. <Arrows down. Enters browse by Collection link> We’re going to browse by collection, see if that brings up anything. But I don’t know how to bring up Apollo images. Oh what I would do to get into Google. <Page is blank. Escape. Arrows down collections> I can see there are lots of art museums or things I could select from. <Links List> I’m doing links list. American folk art. Let’s try G for Greek art. <G in links list. Escape> Let’s try and do a JAWS search. I tried a links list and Greek isn’t coming up right away. Let’s try Greek. <JAWS Find. Types ‘greek’. No results. Escape> Nothing in the screen find. Let’s try this. Links list. <Links List. Escape> We’re going to do another JAWs Find search just for giggles for Apollo. <JAWS Find. Types ‘apollo.’ Enter. No results. Escape> Nope. <Arrows down collections> So we’re just going to go down this list of links and see if we can find anything. No. I think I’ve somehow left the page. There are all sorts of other universities. <Shift Tabs up collections list. Arrows up and down links> I’m just looking on this page to see if I can find images somehow. Graphic design. <JAWS Find. Types ‘apollo’. Enter. No results. Escape. Links List. Arrows down. Escape. Alt Tab to Word. Alt Tab to DL. JAWS Find. Types ‘greece’. Enter. No results> I’m looking for Greece. No. We’re going to look under paintings again. <Enters paintings link>


(You have 5 minutes.) <JAWs Find. Types ‘apollo’. Enter. No results. Escape. Links List.> I need to go to the remedial class for digital library searching because I clearly do not understand how to find this. <Arrows down. Escape. Headings> As I said, oh what I would do to be able to do a Google search for this guy. I don’t know what algorithms this library is using but my brain does not think the way they do. <Arrows down to page numbers of results> I’m trying to do a search and it’s for some reason…<Stuck in edit box for page numbers.> For some reason it came up with Apollo one which gave me nothing. <Arrows down results> I’m now looking at a list so something came up with some list. <JAWS Find. ‘apollo’. Enter. No results. Escape> I’m doing a speed search. If I want to look at the paper boat, I’m sure I could do that. But Apollo it is now and Greece it is not. <JAWS Find. Types ‘Greece’. Enter. No results. Escape.> I’m doing a screen search for Greece on this list and I’m searching within categories and it doesn’t come up with anything. <Arrows down results> No. We have some untitled things. I don’t know what they are. I guess they’re paintings. There are a couple of untitled ones on the page. Most of them seem to have titles on these. Thumbnail of landscape. I guess it’s probably not a Greek landscape. Oh, why couldn’t it ask about St. George slaying the dragon. I found him. How much time? (One minute.) I’m going to get out of this misery soon because… <JAWs Find. Types ‘greek god’. Enter. No results. Escape. Headings. Wrap to top.> [chime] I give. I just…


Task 2 ends at 02:45:47


2.6. Task 2 post-interview begins at 02:46:10

(Can you describe the main problems encountered?) I couldn’t find Apollo on any page and I couldn’t figure out how to get the algorithms that were there to..I tried links list, I tried Greece, I tried Apollo, I tried..and I would think there would be paintings, that would seem to be the most logical to look. But I…if it’s in there it’s well hidden. There’s so much in the advanced search to look at, it would have been helpful to have a general search so I could at least have some idea that there was something there. And when I did do Apollo and finally came up with a list I didn’t see any clear title with Apollo’s name on it.


(Desired features?) A clearly labeled tutorial that I might have been able to explore during the exploration period to figure out how to do a search on this page, on this library site, because I haven’t figured out how to make it work. The Library of Congress site was much better.


Task 2 post-interview ends at 02:48:02