Physical Hydrogeology

The hydrologic cycle describes the cyclic movement of water through the Earth system (Environmental Geology, 3rd Edition, James S. Reichard, McGraw Hill Education)

  • Physical Hydrogeology (GEO SCI 463)
  • 4 credits undergraduate/graduate
  • 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab, & field trip
  • Study of ground water occurrence, its interrelationship with surface water, aquifer properties, groundwater flow and water supply development, including well hydraulics, water quality, and groundwater law
  • Prerequisites: junior standing; GEO SCI 100(P) or GEO SCI 101(P); MATH 232(P)
  • Current Offerings:
  • Past Syllabi: Fall 2023 Fall 2022, Fall 2021, Fall 2020, Fall 2019