River & Wells

Lapham Hall deep wells used for conducting multi-well pumping tests, pumping well borehole is open from 278 to 350 feet below ground surface and within competent Thiensville Dolomite, pump is rated at 100 gallons per minute

The Paradis Lab monitors several rivers in Southeastern Wisconsin and manages several on- and off-campus groundwater supply and monitoring wells.  The rivers and wells are used for both teaching and research. For example, the shallow groundwater monitoring wells near Sabin Hall are typically used to conduct single-well aquifer (slug) tests.  The deep groundwater pumping and observation wells near Lapham Hall, shown above, are typically used to conduct multi-well aquifer (pumping) tests.  Below are links to more information on each of the on- and off-campus well sites.  Students, teachers, and researchers who are interested in utilizing these waters are encouraged to contact Sophia Norenberg at norenbe4@uwm.edu.

Milwaukee River

Sabin Hall Wells

Lapham Hall Deep Wells

Lapham Hall Shallow Wells

Cedarburg Bog Wells

Mequon Wells