Block 1: 9am to 10am

RoomTimePresentersTitleMentors & Department
Union W1439:00amTien WongAnalysis of the Friction and Wear of Graphene Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Using Machine Learning ModelsPradeep Rohatgi & Md Syam Hasan, Materials Science & Engineering
9:15amKelly McElvain
Impact of Wound Dressing on Mechanotransduction within Tissues of Chronic WoundsMahsa Dabagh, Biomedical Engineering
9:30amMarina Slawinski
Generating Pores within Protein-Based Biomaterials without Compromising Their Structural IntegrityIonel Popa, Physics
Union W181
9:00amJacob Rohan, Natalie Kuehl, & Franziska BurkardAnother Day, Another Dollar General: The Architectural, Environmental, and Economic Impacts of Dollar StoresLindsey Krug, Architecture
9:15amSofia Lopez, Madison Sabel, & Ian Luecht
Mobile Design BoxMo Zell & Alex Timmer, Architecture
Cecelia Stocker
Community Leaders Bring Underserved Milwaukee Community Together in PeaceSean Kafer, Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres
9:45amLiam Farin
The Value of Urban Agriculture: A Community’s PerspectiveArijit Sen, Architecture
Union W183
9:00amLindsay Van Der Wegen
The Future of International Accounting in the United StatesVeena Brown, Business
9:15amSparrow Roch
The Search for Life In Space: Diverse PerspectivesJean Creighton, Physics
9:30amCecilie Pleet
Are We Able to Use the Same Uncertainty Reduction Strategies in the New Online-Based Work Environment?
Union W191
9:00amHadiya Johnson, Pilar Sharp, Tiara Fountain, & Noor Mahmoud
Wisconsin Community Activism Now Digital ArchiveRachel Buff, History
9:15amShayla Rubbani
What Interventions and Prevention Measures in Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Efforts Can Better Serve LGBTQ Students?Keith Dookeran & Rose Hennessy Garza, Public Health
9:30amMaddy MoushonLearning With the Lights OutTami Williams, Film Studies
9:45amMackenzie Savin, Anna Galuppo, & Jack ThomasHeavy is the Crown: The Vaun Mayes DocumentaryMentor: Sean Kafer, Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres