Learning With the Lights Out

Maddy Moushon, “Learning With the Lights Out”
Mentor: Tami Williams, Film Studies
Oral Presentation Block 1

UWM Film Studies has a rich history both on-campus and internationally as one of the first interdisciplinary media programs of its kind. In 2016 the Film Studies Archival Project set a foundation on campus for a teaching archive that collects, preserves, and gives our community access to historical moving-image related media. In the past 5 years the founding collection has grown exponentially, revealing the promise of a larger potential that the student-run archive and teaching space may hold. Throughout the past few months, research surrounding the needs of developed archival spaces has been conducted by comparing them to the needs the current archive space we have available. The future archival goals of this project include the creation of a Film Studies Archival Certificate and the transformation of the archive space that better serves the student community. With the continued increase of donated materials, the Film Studies Archive hopes to implement the researched standards of developed archives and become a hands-on learning space dedicated to the preservation, cataloging, and programming of historical moving-image material for the development of critical archival skills for UWM students and the community at large. With the archive’s transition from a still-developing space for history, to an engaging environment of learning, the connections to other archival spaces on campus, as well as film/moving-image groups, are vital to the process of serving the community of students and keeping campus involved in preserving our historical connection to moving-image history.