Community Leaders Bring Underserved Milwaukee Community Together in Peace

Cecelia Stocker, “Community Leaders Bring Underserved Milwaukee Community Together in Peace”
Mentor: Sean Kafer, Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres
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Milwaukee is home to a diverse population. Some neighborhoods, however, struggle disproportionately to keep their communities healthy. This is due to a lack of adequate resources and support, and has led to high levels of hunger, violence, and poverty. By speaking with “boots on the ground” community organizers, I was able learn what issues certain underserved areas in Milwaukee face, what tools they need in order to thrive, and how people are working to solve these problems within their own communities. Neighborhoods such as Sherman Park are seen by many as dangerous and violent, however, violence is a byproduct of a community need left unfilled. In order to fill these needs, Ms. Farina Brooks created a program called “Rock Da Block.” Rock Da Block is a monthly gathering that provide groceries, bookbags, and hygiene products – along with joy, fun, and love – to families in need. All of the community leaders I interviewed mentioned that, in addition to regularly unifying their communities in peaceful and productive ways, they wished to show a broader audience the positive aspects of their neighborhoods.