Heavy is the Crown: The Vaun Mayes Documentary

Mackenzie Savin, Anna Galuppo, and Jack Thomas, “Heavy is the Crown: The Vaun Mayes Documentary”
Mentor: Sean Kafer, Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres
Oral Presentation Block 1

The zip code 53206 has the most incarcerated black males than any other zip code in the country. It’s believed heavy policing is the answer to societal problems, but many Milwaukee activists say that its investment in community programs would lower crime. Along with the help of activist Vaun Mayes we’ve set out to identify, investigate, and interpret Milwaukee issues through conversations with other local advocates. We have begun to learn where Milwaukee’s urban societal problems need to be addressed and fixed from listening to those that are from the underrepresented neighborhoods in Milwaukee. We started to discover that to begin to solve these communal issues, we need to spread awareness from the greater Milwaukee community’s perspective. Some of the main topics we have chosen to focus on include urban crime being covered in the media while ignoring black success stories, the need for leading the youth with positive role models and through community programs, and to push local community members to run for office. By raising awareness about these topics and more, we are able to highlight community members that have their boots on the ground and implement impactful change. By unifying to attack these issues head-on and on-site, a greater impact and unity is created when trying to support these communities can be beneficial for all.