Records Management

Records Management contact: Molly Schreiber,

Records Management is the maintaining/archiving of historic and legal records for the School of Education. Particular documents are stored on the network/shared drive, some for a specific time period, under the appropriate committee, governance body, or department.

Note: SOE local retention schedules for certain documents will be listed here when available.

Historic/Legal Documents

When complete, please attach the following documents to an email and send to the above support person.

  • Department meeting agendas, minutes and attachments
  • Governance meeting agendas, minutes and attachments
  • Syllabi
  • Policies and procedures (department, school-wide, or committee)
  • Accreditations and/or program reviews
  • Theses/Dissertations
  • Academic misconduct materials

Note: Collection and retention of all above documents are mandated by the Wisconsin Public Records Board in accordance with state and federal law.

Student/Legal Documents

The following documents should be “stored” with a student’s academic record, which is retained for 8 years post graduation. These documents should be submitted to Academic Advising for filing. Contact an advisor for document format and submission instructions.

  • Student Teacher Field Experience files
  • Grievances (exam, course, or grade)
  • Change of Grade forms, Copy of (if submitted in paper)
  • Registration Change forms (Add/Drop), Copy of

Note: Collection and retention of all above documents are mandated by UW System and/or Wisconsin Open Records Law.

Faculty/Instructional Documents

The following documents must be kept for the time specified by each instructor. After the retention period has passed, they may be destroyed.

  • Instructional Materials (exams, course work, assignments): 1 year from end of semester submitted
  • Grade books or lists: 2 years from end of semester submitted
  • Email communications: Visit the UWM Libraries E-mail Management webpage for more information.

If you need assistance accessing a document in this list or have a question about the retention period of any document type, request via the person/email above.