Copy/Print/Scan Requests

The duplication of instructional materials raises the issue of copyright compliance in the classroom. We are currently reviewing our policies and procedures with regard to how instructional sources may be shared.

In general: When considering any duplication or sharing of instructional materials, instructors must ensure that the use is copyright compliant. This means you should use lawfully acquired works—not pirated or illegally copied material. NOTE: That the use is for education, while favoring Fair Use, does not automatically mean you can use a work legally.

Linking to a lawfully-acquired works is the preferred method for sharing instructional materials. Linking means that (1) you do not have to pay copyright permission fees (the item is already licensed) and (2) you do not have to perform a fair use analysis as copyright law requires.)

If using a source from the Golda Meir Library’s databases or e-journal collections, provide a persistent link or proxied link to the item. Not sure how? Visit the UWM Libraries Linking to Library Content webpage for info on how to locate a persistent link for a library source; view the Copyright Compliance in the Classroom Help Sheet (PDF) on how to add the link to your Canvas course site.


To submit a copy request, please follow the instructions below. The Copy Request Form is a fillable pdf, so you will need Adobe Acrobat DC to complete this function. If you do not have this software installed or need help with the software, contact the IT helpdesk at

  • Click on the Copy Request Form link, which will open up in a new web browser tab.
  • Fill out the request form as needed for your copy request. Once it is filled out, you will need to download and save your file to ensure the information you entered is saved. Depending on the web browser used, you may need to specify that you want to download the file with your changes.
  • Email the saved Copy Request Form and the content you want copied to Please check to ensure that all materials are in order before sending in your request.

Items of Note

If you do not want to fill out the Copy Request Form electronically, you can always download and print the file, then fill it out by hand. Once done you can scan it to get it back into an electronic state in order to email it with your request.

A minimum of two business days is needed for processing copying requests. You will be emailed when the project is complete.

What may not be photocopied or scanned:

  • Whole books
  • Articles for which there is a lawful digital copy available
  • Web pages (use the page URL link instead)

By submitting this request, you acknowledge that the copies are in compliance with the copyright guidance offered by the UWM Libraries Copyright and Fair Use practices.


When requesting materials be printed, you must provide the name of your home department. Attach your digital file and email it to Be sure to specify the number of printed copies needed, along with any special handling options (single- or double-sided, stapled, etc.) You will be emailed when the project is complete.


An analog copy (i.e., printed version) of an item may be provided in a face-to-face classroom if there is no lawful digital copy of the work available–except one with technological protections that prevent my using it for the class in the way the statute authorizes. If a lawful digital copy is available, a link to the item must be provided instead.

Scanning is the preferred method for duplication of materials. It is the most cost-effective and files can be saved for use during future semesters/classes. All documents will be scanned in a PDF format. When scanning is complete, the materials will be emailed to you.

All requests below should be submitted via email to Materials can be attached to the form (or email) or left in the marked bin on the 5th floor. Any original materials, plus copies, will be delivered to your mailbox. If no mailbox exists, alternative arrangements can be made when submitting the original request.

Color Printing & Photocopying

The School of Education does not provide color copies. If needed, please contact a program coordinator or department chair. For more information, please visit the UWM Print & Copy Services webpage.