Ad Hoc/Adjunct Resources

The Ad Hoc/Adjunct Resources webpage provides information and resources for instructors.

Faculty Support Contacts

The Faculty Support Contacts webpage lists contact information for chairs/directors support staff & general faculty/instructor support staff.

Note: Faculty support covers a range of tasks/requests. Before contacting staff, please check the SOE Dashboard home page for information on specific support activities.


For information on the SOE Academic Affairs point of contact and Faculty Governance Policy & Procedures, visit the Governance webpage.

Marketing Info/Queries/Requests

The Marketing Info/Queries/Requests webpage lists contact information for the SOE Marketing Team along with a SOE Marketing Request Form.

Outside Activities Reporting

The Outside Activities Reporting webpage provides information and resources to help you complete the reporting.

Records Management

The Records Management webpage provides information on the maintaining/archiving of historic and legal records for the School of Education.

SOE Directories

Visit the SOE Directories webpage for directories, contact information to request changes/ask questions.

SOE Website

For information on how to request website changes/updates, visit the SOE Website webpage.