Research Article Accepted for Publication in Chemosphere

Correlation between uranium and the relative content of clay minerals among mineral constituents, total aluminum content, and cell counts

A research article entitled, “Characterization of subsurface media from locations up- and down-gradient of a uranium-contaminated aquifer” was accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Chemosphere.  Dr. Paradis is a co-author of the article and the corresponding author is Dr. Terry Hazen ( from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

GWMR Top Downloaded Research Article

Hypothesized distributions of dissolved sulfate 3 years after emplacement of PFBs and HPIs, assuming no consumption of sulfate in the aquifer.

A research article co-authored by Dr. Paradis entitled, “Enhancing Microbial Sulfate Reduction of Hydrocarbons in Groundwater Using Permeable Filled Borings“, is among the top 10% most downloaded papers in Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation (GWMR).  Special thanks to Tim Buscheck (, Chevron Fellow and Senior Consulting Hydrogeologist, for serving as lead and corresponding author on this cutting‐edge technical paper.