• Ahmad Hosseinzadeh: As the PI of this group, I study problems at the interface of physics, structural biology, data science, and machine learning. My current areas of research include ultrafast structural dynamics of proteins and protein complexes using experimental data from X-ray free electron lasers, structural variations of biomolecules using X-ray and electron microscopy data, as well as developing data-analytic algorithms to extract accurate information from data in biophysics and related disciplines.






  • Shanghui Huang: Dr. Huang is a postdoctoral research associate working on a data analytical platform for the compact X-ray free-electron laser (CXFEL), which is under construction at Arizona State University. Shanghui received his Ph.D. in computational chemistry from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana in 2023. His former research was about exploring colloidal self-assemblies with enhanced sampling methods of molecular simulations. It included studies on thermodynamic properties and assembly behavior of colloidal clusters with short-ranged interactions, as well as developing novel methods to identify reaction coordinates and calculate free energy profiles.


  • Roshanak Etemadpour: Dr. Etemadpour is a postdoctoral research associate. Her primary project is about the structure determination of macromolecules using electron diffraction profiles obtained by a novel electron diffraction imaging technique, which is under development at Oregon State University. Roshanak completed her second Ph.D. in Physics at UWM in 2023, and studied the structural variabilities of biomolecules by analyzing electron microscopy data. She also holds a doctoral degree in Atomic and Molecular Physics from the Plasma Physics Research Center in Tehran, Iran, as well as a master’s degree in Photonics from Tabriz University in Iran. Her earlier research focused on nonlinear laser-plasma interactions, quantum optics, and quantum interference-related phenomena.





  • Justin Anthony Trujillo: Justin is a Ph.D. student working in the areas of experimental and computational structural biology. His project is about resolving data incompleteness issues in time-resolved X-ray crystallography experiments. Justin also studies the biological functions of proteins by analyzing their interaction with other proteins using fluorescence microscopy data.


  • Yasaswy N. Chintagunta: Yasaswy is a master’s student in computer science. He is working on the development of a machine-learning program suite for analyzing data collected at CXFEL, which is a new X-ray imaging system being established at Arizona State University. His areas of interest include software automation and data structures and algorithms for software optimization and performance improvements.



  • Suresh N. Golla: Suresh is a master’s student in computer science. He is involved in developing a software package for intelligent and optimized data collection at CXFEL in collaboration with scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. His field of interests include integrating machine learning in software development processes and finding algorithmic solutions with suitable data structures in Java and Python.





  • Zoey Nielsen: Zoey is a 2024 BioXFEL scholar and a sophomore at the University of California – Santa Barbara in the College of Creative Studies pursuing a double major in mathematics and computing. She is working on creating a software package to preprocess X-ray diffraction data from time-resolved crystallography experiments. Zoey is interested in computational science and using linear algebra to solve data analytic problems.







  • Bismah Hasan: Bismah was a BioXFEL scholar at UWM in 2023. She studied X-ray emission spectra of photosystem II using a machine learning approach. Bismah is a senior undergraduate student in computer science at the City College of New York and is interested in scientific computing and data analysis.




  • Jenna Vesey: Jenna was a BioXFEL scholar at UWM in 2023. She is a senior undergraduate student in bioinformatics and neuroscience at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Jenna’s project was about selecting single-particle X-ray diffraction snapshots from large experimental XFEL data. Her project was presented at the 2023 LCLS Users’ Meeting at Stanford and won the Joe Wong Award. Jenna’s interests include cell and molecular biology with a focus on astrobiology.





  • Pranav Manjapra: Pranav was an undergraduate BioXFEL scholar from the University of California – Santa Cruz in 2020. His project was about developing a graphical user interface for structure determination of biomolecules from X-ray data. He currently works as a Data Infrastructure Engineer at Empirico Inc. in California.




  • Yusuf Ahmad: Yusuf was an undergraduate BioXFEL scholar from Lewis University in Illinois in 2019. He worked on artifact reduction in X-ray images using data-analytic methods. At present, Yusuf Ahmad is a medical student in Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pennsylvania.