Research Internship Program for High School Students

This program was initiated in 2016 by my colleagues Dr. Vali Raicu and Dr. Ionel Popa in partnership with Shorewood High School. I joined them in 2023, and we have now expanded that to include Whitefish Bay High School starting in 2024. During this internship, high school students have the opportunity to join different research teams in the fields of biophysics, condensed matter physics, and paleobiology based on their research interests. They first go through safety training and attend a few sessions to learn about basic optics. After that, each student is assigned a research project and a direct supervisor from different research groups. At the end of the program, they present their research activities to their colleagues, teachers, and parents. The students who work in my group mainly learn about machine learning, data analysis, and computation in the framework of biophysics.

Class 2023:

Emily Ostrowski and Cody McKenna from Shorewood HS

Class 2024:

Grace Wu from Whitefish Bay HS

Katya Velikenov from Shorewood HS


________________________________________________________________________________________________ Opportunities:

High school seniors and juniors, as well as teachers, are welcome to join my team for projects in physics, biophysics, data analysis, and machine learning. Please contact me if you are interested!