Frequently Asked Questions


How and when can I submit my work?
Between December 1 and February 20 of each year you can submit work through our submissions management app, Duotrope, via this link.
Who is eligible to submit work?
Anyone who was enrolled as an undergraduate at any college/university during this academic year is eligible, so people who graduated in December are still eligible for publication in the following spring issue.
What kind of work does Furrow publish?
We publish previously unpublished Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Art, and Comics by undergraduates.
Does Furrow publish “genre” work (sci-fi, fantasy, romance, etc.)?
We strive to publish meaningful, high-quality work that is fresh and original in style and content. We are open to any work that is not formulaic and meets our standards of quality and originality in style and content.
Can I submit work that has already been published somewhere else or posted online?
Poems, essays, and stories that have been published elsewhere, in print or online, are not eligible for publication by Furrow. If you have posted the work on your own personal blog and are able to completely remove it before submitting, you can do so.

Visual art that has been featured elsewhere (like on a personal online portfolio) may still be eligible. Email us with details, or include them in your cover letter/note and we’ll make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

When will I know if my work is accepted?
We will email you in April, either way.
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Does Furrow accept "simultaneous submissions"?
Yes. But if your work gets accepted somewhere else, please notify us immediately to withdraw your submission.
Will Furrow’s editors help me revise my work?
Unfortunately, we rarely have time to accommodate revisions, so please submit your most polished, high-quality work.
Does Furrow pay its authors/artists?
Every contributor gets a free copy of that year’s issue. But unfortunately, as is the case with many literary journals, we can’t afford to pay our contributors. In some years, when funds allow, we award a $100 Furrow Prize to the top submission in each genre (poetry, art/comics, fiction, nonfiction).
Do I have to grant Furrow the right to publish my submission both in print and online?
No. If your work is accepted by us you’ll be asked to check a box for each different type of publication that you approve of (print, web, excerpted in promotional materials), and it’s OK to check no to some of them.
What if my work borrows or samples from someone else’s work?
Please note this openly when you submit your work, and we’ll determine whether your “sampling” falls under the legal standards of “fair use.” If it does, we can publish it; if not, we can’t.


Who decides what work gets published?
Student editors enrolled in English 418 and Art 427 read submissions blind (i.e., without the authors’/artists’ names attached) and work hard to select the best possible work.
How can I become an editor or get involved?
The best way is to take the Furrow class (English 418: Literary Journal Production or Art 427 Advanced Design Workshop), which is offered at UW-Milwaukee each spring. If you can’t take the class you may still be able to volunteer to help. Email the faculty contacts listed at the bottom of this website.
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How often is Furrow published?
We publish a beautiful print issue once a year, in May, and post work online every month at
Can Furrow's editors be published in Furrow?
Yes, but only in genres for which they are not serving as editor. So, a poetry editor may submit fiction for consideration, but not poetry.