Holy Smokes!

Furrow has won AWP’s National Program Directors’ Prize for the best undergraduate literary journal in the category of content! We’re thrilled at this honor and grateful to AWP for their generous support. Judge Sean Bernard had these kind words of praise about 2020’s Volume 21 of Furrow:


“Of the many impressive aspects of this issue of Furrow is its tonal complexity, a complexity that exists both within individual pieces and generally across the issue; while the concepts and situations are often shiny and strange, they never overshadow deeper emotional depths. The poem “Things I Stole:” by Kayla Richardson-Piché begins hilarious in its flatness — “…She wouldn’t let anyone / use the darkroom. I think because of sex / reasons. ” — before opening into wider spaces of sorrow. Shreya Ganguly plumbs the fraught issues of colonization and language in her essay “Love Language,” and the fiction throughout insistently and impressively moves beyond conceit and into more complex and muddy waters, as in Christina’s Tuttle’s wonderfully textured “Unearth.” This is a great issue of literature.”


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Dating back to 2000, Furrow showcases outstanding writing and art from undergraduates across the U.S. and gives UW-Milwaukee students training in editing, publishing, publication design, web design, publicity, fundraising, and business practices. Through the generous support of local donors and the UW-Milwaukee Department of English, we publish a full-color, print issue of the journal every May and feature new work regularly on our website. Our goal is to connect student writers and artists with a broader network of creative spirits within and beyond Milwaukee

We publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and comics from undergraduates all across the U.S. Our next submissions period is from December 1, 2021 to February 20, 2022.

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