Elyse Ark

Art Editor, Copyeditor

Elyse is majoring in Journalism and Media Studies (JAMS) and minoring in Writing, Editing, and Publishing at UWM. She will be graduating in the spring of 2025. Beyond her literary pursuits, Elyse is a passionate observer, finding inspiration in the nuances of human interaction. She spends her days in deep contemplation, listening to various indie bands, and painting her nails.

Bird Berg

Headshot of Berg

Fiction Editor, Layout Designer    

Bird is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Studio Arts with a concentration in Printmaking & Book Arts and a minor in Writing, Editing, and Publishing at UWM. Bird illustrates stories in fantasy, horror, and hybrid genres through printmaking processes and creative writing. Currently, Bird is balancing their role as a Resident Assistant with their BFA Capstone project of planning a graphic novel.


Headshot of Calderon

Poetry Editor, Fundraiser

Danny is majoring in English with a concentration in Rhetoric, Professional Writing, and Community Engagement at UWM. After graduation, he plans to work as a science communicator. His dream career consists of writing and publishing content that grows scientific audiences and combats the spread of online misinformation. Outside of class, he engages in the Milwaukee music scene by planning and hosting community-centered events. 

Evan Ceman

Headshot of Ceman

Nonfiction Editor, Event Planner

Evan is a junior, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at UWM after moving from New Berlin, Wisconsin in 2020. Evan plays in two Americana-Country bands, Grain Elevator, and Max Niemann & The Fellow Travelers, as a means of surviving the mental onslaught of senior-year engineering classes. 

Jason Don Christensen

Art Editor, Graphic Designer

Jason is graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UWM in May 2024. He also practices as a studio artist, specializing in mixed media and design. When he's not studying, he helps at North Shore Academy of the Arts (NSAA), a nonprofit art organization and educational space in Grafton, Wisconsin.

Dal Du Mez

Headshot of DuMez


Dal is a senior at UWM, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Psychology. In addition to their role in Furrow, they serve as the Operations Manager of the Union Recreation Center. In their free time, Dal enjoys rock climbing, writing poetry and flash fiction, and reading Frank Herbert's Dune series. Their published work can be found in Furrow, VA Press' Secret Words, and Catkin, and explores the intersections of identity, family, and ethnicity. 

Nick Gamble

Headshot of Gamble

Fiction Editor, Web Editor

Nick is a senior majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in both Spanish and Japanese at UWM. When not in class, he enjoys reading comic books and working on his own comics.



Noelle Gómez

Headshot of Gomez

Poetry Editor, Copyeditor

Noelle is a junior majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Spanish at UWM. Their short story, “Earthworms” was delightfully published In Furrow’s 2023 edition. When Noelle isn’t obsessively daydreaming about Twilight, they’re over-buttering their toast, annotating objectively bad romance novels, and oversharing through poetry on their Instagram @fernorley.


Michael Janssen

Headshot of Janssen

Art Editor, Graphic Designer  

Michael is a fifth-year student majoring in Design and Visual Communication at UWM. Outside of school, Michael enjoys creating art, playing basketball, listening to music, and consuming geeky media. He has a special interest in sports and comics and hopes to incorporate both into his future career plans as a creative. You can find his work here.

Andrew Kim

Headshot of Kim

Fiction Editor, Web Editor

Kim is set to graduate from UWM this spring with a Bachelor’s in English on the Creative Writing track and a minor in Japanese. He aims to have his first manuscript accepted into a publishing house and intends to work as an ALT in Japan or Korea after he graduates. When he is not engaged with school activities, he often writes manuscripts for stories and keeps up with his schedule of writing two pages per day.

Annaliese Kunst

Headshot of Kunst

Poetry Editor, Managing Editor 

Annaliese is currently working towards her English degree with a focus in Creative Writing at UWM. In her limited free time, she hangs out with her sort-of-ugly Pitbull-Aussie-Cattle Dog mix and obsesses over classical literature.

Lily Lalios


Lily is an English Undergraduate at UWM. They are also Editor-in-Chief of Agapimeni Literary Magazine, and an Editor for VA Press. Lily has been published in the 14th issue of Grim and Gilded and the 6th volume of Secret Words. Their work explores themes of generational cycles, alchemy, and speculative technologies.  



Jasmine LeClair 

Headshot of LeClair

Fiction Editor, Layout Designer

Jasmine is majoring in English on the Rhetoric and Professional Writing track and minoring in Psychology. When she is not busy working in her classes, she writes short stories and poems, one of which has been published in the Sheepshead Review; reads; plays video games; and spends time with her two cats. She hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and become an author in the future.


Jakob Mork

Headshot of Mork

Fiction Editor, Layout Designer

Jakob is majoring in English on the Creative Writing track at UWM and plans on graduating in 2025. In his work, Jakob writes fiction with a fantasy focus and dabbles in poetry. Storytelling bleeds into his hobbies as well—he has a deep love of theatre and tabletop games.

Ava Myhre 


Fiction Editor, Event Planner

Ava  is currently a junior at UWM majoring in English on the Creative Writing track. When unoccupied with class or work, you can find her fluttering through the aisles of Barnes & Noble, going to concerts with her younger sister, or adding to her steadily growing plant collection.


Tessa Naylor

Headshot of Naylor

Poetry Editor, Copyeditor

Tessa is majoring in English and Pre-Law, minoring in Sociology, and obtaining a certificate in Cultures and Communities from UWM, graduating in May of 2024. She is a poet and has been published in Catkin and Straylight literary magazines. When she isn't writing or editing for Furrow, she is helping others process their grief as an Undertaker. 



Lily Passarelli 

Headshot of Passarelli

Nonfiction Editor, Layout Designer  

Lily is graduating in May of 2024, majoring in Film and minoring in Writing, Editing, and Publishing. When she's not making movies with friends, she can be found bundled up in bed, listening to music and working on her next yarn project. 

Hazel Ramos

Headshot of Hazel

Nonfiction Editor, Copyeditor

Hazel is a senior at UWM, majoring in English and minoring in Communications. Her dream is to work as a publisher after graduating in May of 2024. Outside of class, she can be found listening to music, going to concerts, and supporting indie coffee shops.   



Abby Schroder

Headshot of Schroder

Nonfiction Editor, Copyeditor

Abby is a senior at UWM, majoring in English and minoring in Comparative Literature. When Abby is not working or in class, she enjoys taking long walks with her two Pekingese pups, journaling about books, and half-finishing fantasy novels she one day hopes to finish and publish. 


Liv Sheppard

Headshot of Sheppard

Art Editor, Web Editor

Liv is majoring in Animation and minoring in Creative Writing and loves anything and everything with a fantastical flair. She aims to leap into the animation industry with her degrees and can't wait to be immersed in the world she grew up dreaming about. When she's not gushing about Gravity Falls or the 2017 reboot of DuckTales, Liv is cuddling her with her three cats and playing her favorite game,  Sun Haven.


Natalie Starks

Headshot of Starks

Art Editor, Graphic Designer

Natalie is majoring in Design & Visual Communications at UWM, where she enthusiastically engages with fellow artists and art-appreciators and works as a Production and Design Team Lead at UWM's Planetarium. She is thrilled about all things related to art and design and is excited to keep pushing out creative and colorful energy into the world!

Max Stern

Headshot of Stern

Poetry Editor, Event Planner

Max is majoring in English, with plans to study abroad in the Fall of 2024. He likes to write fiction and poetry in his free time and has been published in Inkblots and The Pink Moth. Against all odds, Max has hope for humanity and hopes to one day be a published author and touch the lives of those who are struggling with their own story. 

Noah Strzykalski


Art Editor, Staff Photographer

Noah is a senior set to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in May of 2024. When he's not editing for Furrow, he is talking about his interests in extensive detail. 


Noah Vincent

Headshot of Vincent

Nonfiction Editor, Publicist

Noah is a senior majoring in Film at UWM. Noah loves food and is a certified barista. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, Electric Lasagna Production.


Danielle Harms

Faculty Advisor

Danielle is in the English PhD program at UW-Milwaukee. She has been published in Conjunctions, The Offing, DIAGRAM, and Fourth Genre. Her work was listed as Notable in the 2023 Best American Essays, she is the winner of a UWM Teaching Fellow Award, and is a staff scholar at the Bread Loaf Writer's Conference. Danielle received her MFA from George Mason University, where she was the Editor-in-Chief for Phoebe. Before moving back to Wisconsin, she was an English teacher in D.C., Denver, South Korea, and Hungary. Once, she went to Space Camp. Find her online: @danielleharms. 

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