Poetry Editor, Copyeditor

Jo is currently a junior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Creative Writing. He strives every day to be a funny little freak and is a big fan of all things weird, queer, and low budget. They love to learn new things and consider themself a professional Googler and Wikipedia Surfer. At the moment, their sights are set on creating an indie RPG.  


Fiction Editor, Event Planner    

Mackenzie is a junior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in English with a Creative Writing focus and a certificate in Asian Studies. When not in class, Mackenzie can be found working in Sandburg Hall as a Resident Assistant in East Tower. She spends her free time listening to music, reading mysteries, or working on her own writing.  


Art Editor, Graphic Designer  

Jaidon is a junior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Design and Visual Communications. His work is on Instagram @jdnbyd. When Jaidon is not working on school-related projects, you can find him creating personal pieces inside Cinema 4D and Blender or playing video games. 



Cody is a junior undergrad in English at UW-Milwaukee. He hopes to complete a Master’s program in Creative Writing before teaching English in Japan for a year. While amassing an ever-growing pile of rejection letters for his own work, Cody will keep honing his craft and relying on his friends to keep the sadness at bay. He can be found bombing on-stage at the odd open mic or embracing the ego on his Instagram.


Fiction Editor, Publicist  

Matthew is currently a junior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in English in the Creative Writing track. When not in class, he’s busy at his job as an Asurion IT Field Technician, working on his creative non-fiction blog, and finishing his new novel Riley Korducki and the Third Order of Nibiru. His blog can be found here.


Fiction Editor, Web Editor 

Jacob Collins is a Fiction Editor and a Web Editor for Furrow and is majoring in English on the Creative Writing track. He spends much of his time outside of class with his head buried in a good book, writing, playing video games, or making Dungeons & Dragons characters for no apparent reason. 


Fiction Editor, Publicist 

Alison Dewers is currently a senior at UW-Milwaukee, majoring in Advertising, and minoring in Writing, Editing, and Publishing. Books are her passion. When she is not at class or work, she is usually sharing her love of reading on her Instagram, @fictionphilia, and most likely listening to Taylor Swift. 




Fiction Editor, Copyeditor  

John is majoring in Animation and Creative Writing at UW-Milwaukee. When they're not making experimental short films or eating an outrageous amount of soft pretzels, they can be found extensively dancing and sweating at the Cactus Club. Their art can be found on Instagram @jdewey7.  



Creative Nonfiction Editor, Web Editor  

Liam is a junior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in English with a creative writing focus and minoring in German. They are often at the Golda Meir Library, leaving two minutes before closing time, or in someone’s basement-turned-punk-rock-venue. He is working on a novel, but he is kindly refusing questions until it’s longer than ten pages.  



Poetry editor, Copyeditor  

Dally is a junior at UW-Milwaukee pursuing majors in both Creative Writing and Psychology. They are proud to have had their flash fiction piece "Mija" published in the Spring 2022 edition of Furrow. Dally is also the Operations Manager at the Student Union Recreation Center. Outside of class and work, they can be found writing poetry and fiction that focuses on the intersections of identity, reading Frank Herbert's Dune series, and listening to Harry Styles.  



Poetry Editor, Web Editor 

Emma is a senior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in English and minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. When she is not in class, she can be found working at the Golda Meir library, reading poetry or anything that catches her eye, writing poetry, tending to her fourteen dorm plants, or spending time with friends. One day, she hopes to be a librarian or professor, but honestly, don’t hold her to that. She’s fickle and will probably change her mind ten more times before her graduation date.  


Nonfiction Editor, Copyeditor  

Kaitlyn is a fourth-year student at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies, and English Literature and Cultural Theory. They are an avid reader and can be found at Boswell Book Company at almost any time. When not reading the latest romantic comedy, they are often scouring through 19th and 20th century poetry for themes of temptation and desire. 



Managing Editor, Layout Editor 

Fridarose (Frida) is currently a sophomore at UW-Milwaukee double majoring in English and Political Science and seeking a certificate in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. She also works for the Office of Undergraduate Research and the School of Public Health. When she isn't working or studying, she is probably updating her Goodreads, throwing birthday parties for her cat, or screaming along to Taylor Swift in her mom's car.  




Poetry Editor, Copyeditor 

Sam is currently a junior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in open track English with a minor in American Sign Language. When she's not busy with classwork, she loves reading any creative writing she can get her hands on, crocheting little critters, playing video games, and watching documentaries on YouTube.


Non-Fiction Editor, Layout Designer 

Lily is an English Major at UW-Milwaukee with a certificate in Digital Arts and Culture. Lily enjoys writing a variety of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and dramatic literature dealing with questions of technology, spirituality, family, and mental health. In their free time they enjoy going to concerts, collecting candles, and appreciating ripe summer fruit. Lily is also a licensed esthetician and Fleet Captain of the UW-Milwaukee sailing club.  



Art Editor, Copyeditor  

Janae is a senior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Media Studies with a concentration in Art History. When she's not thinking about how bad the Internet is for society, she's hiking the Ice Age Trail with her dog, completing over one hundred miles every year. At home, she kicks back with a good book, perhaps a gem found in her neighborhood's Little Free Library.  



Poetry Editor, Copyeditor  

Daniel studies at UW-Milwaukee as an international exchange student from England. He is a junior studying English Literature. Daniel likes to skateboard, write poetry, and play water polo in his free time. His favorite animals are the Muntjac deer and the swallow. 


Art Editor, Publicist 

Macy is a senior at UW-Milwaukee studying Design and Visual Communications. Outside of school, she serves at a brewery and enjoys learning about the beer industry. She also likes to spend her time reading, scrolling on Pinterest, or having movie marathons with her roommates. 


Hanna Perez

Art Editor, Graphic Designer  

Hannah is a senior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Design and Visual Communications and minoring in Korean. When she has free time, she likes drawing, working out, playing video games, watching videos on YouTube, and listening to music. She has two pets whom she adores, her cat Luna and her dog Suki. Her work can be found on Instagram @o.hanachan.o.   



Managing Editor, Event Planner 

Madelyn is a senior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in English with a Creative Writing focus. Although work and school take up most of her time, Madelyn can also be found planning board game nights. There is nothing she loves more than inviting her friends over and crushing them in a game of Ticket To Ride.  



Art Editor, Layout Designer 

Emily is a junior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Design and Visual Communications. Her work can be found on Instagram @midnight_concoctions and on Facebook under Emily's Exhibit. She also works at the Union Art Gallery on campus. When she is not stuck in a studio, she enjoys watching movies, playing video games, cuddling her mom's foster kittens, and going on hikes (if the Wisconsin weather allows).


Fiction Editor, Event Planner 

Elizabeth is a junior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Editing & Publishing. When not in class, they can be found at their internship in Special Collections deep diving into old and rare books and posting about them on the UW-Milwaukee tumblr. They love knitting, video games such as critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, and tabletop role-playing games, but can be found more often than not napping with their cats.  


Nonfiction Editor, Copyeditor 

Anna is a junior at UW-Milwaukee studying Film and Creative Writing. Outside of school, they enjoy reading, throwing random food together and calling it cooking, and going on spontaneous adventures.  


Graphic Designer, Photographer, Assistant Reader 

Kristian is a junior at UW-Milwaukee, transferring from UWM-at-Waukesha after earning his Associate degree. He is a prospective English major with a Philosophy minor. He is a published author, poet, and spoken-word artist from West Allis, Wisconsin. He has published three works, the first being a novel titled 2050, and the other two being poetry collections titled Deadly Grievances and Vernacular Whirlwind, released on March 21, 2023. He enjoys writing in his free time. His work can be found on his website.


Angela Voras-Hills

Graduate Student Advisor

Angela’s first collection of poems, Louder Birds (Pleiades 2020), won the Lena-Miles Wever Todd Poetry Prize. Her work has appeared in Kenyon Review Online, New Ohio Review, Best New Poets, and Prairie Schooner among other journals and anthologies. She earned her MFA at UMass-Boston and is a PhD student in English at UW-Milwaukee. She likes birds, sewing, Chaucer, and bright colors. Learn more here! 

Danielle Harms

Faculty Advisor

Danielle is a dissertator in the English PhD program at UW-Milwaukee and is at work on a novel about Wisconsin’s fearsome creatures and complicated pregnancies. She has been published in Conjunctions, The Offing, DIAGRAM, and Fourth Genre. Danielle received her MFA from George Mason University, where she was the Editor-in-Chief for Phoebe. Before moving back to Wisconsin, she was an English teacher in D.C., Denver, South Korea, and Hungary. Once, she went to Space Camp. She can be found online: @danielleharms. 

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