Advanced Structural Geology Fieldtrip Spring 2024

Our University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – Geosciences Advanced Structural Geology class (Cody Crist, Stephanie Fones, George Meyer, J Schneider, and Vera Soltes) had a fun fieldtrip to west and central Wisconsin looking at Precambrian rocks in the Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, and Stevens Point areas. We saw folds, ductile shear zones, boudinage, and even some migmatites! We were joined by our friends Dr. Basil Tikoff and some of his students from UW-Madison Department of Geoscience (Kenz Carlton, Kaitlyn Crouch, Matthew Aleksey). As you can see, rain or shine, structural geology rocks.

Advanced Structural Geology Group 2024

Cody finds a leucosome

Steph stands by a late intruding (Midcontinent Rift?) dike

Advanced Structural Geology Group- not deterred by Rain!