Undergraduate Students

Four great UWM undergraduate students are currently working on the Southern Iberian Shear Zone project with me: Steph Fones, George Meyer, Paige Pimentel, J Schneider.  Here are some pictures from our data collection in May 2023 in outcrops in the beautiful village of Almonaster la Real, Spain.  Since then, the students are working on follow-up projects using the data we collected in the field.

UWM 2023 Field Group (MS student Kayla Kopinski and undergrads Paige Pimentel, Steph Fones, George Meyer, J Schneider) with colleagues Carlos Fernández and Manuel Díaz-Azpiroz.

J and Steph with one of their oriented samples

Paige and Kayla tracking small shear zones across the outcrop

Dyanna helping J trace structural features on images of our outcrop

George found a cute lizard

We learned about drone flying and creating 3D outcrop models from our colleague Javier Fernández Lozano