Unmatched and the remediation of the digital fighting game genre

  As I’m sure you know, Board Meeting (Serious Play’s show dedicated to analog board and card gaming) is currently on hiatus due to the ongoing pandemic. However, in addition to completing my coursework and preparing for my preliminary exams,… Continue Reading

Board Meeting recap and discussion: Cinephile and Double Feature

This week on Board Meeting, special guests Kristine and Kelsey joined Dave, Janelle and I to play the movie-themed card games Cinephile (designed by Cory Everett and illustrated by Steve Isaacs) and Double Feature (designed/illustrated by John Kovalic) to celebrate… Continue Reading

The Arena Discussion Archive: Returning to Dragon Ball FighterZ (11-21-19)

On this week’s episode of The Arena, Erik Kersting, Daniel Marques, and I played Dragon Ball FighterZ. We’re revisiting FighterZ within the context of our month-long theme of competitive fighting games. This week, Erik introduced the idea of a taxonomy of fighting games and we talked about what… Continue Reading