Designing an Unmatched character: From conception to playable deck

Unmatched layout

In a previous post I wrote about my love of the miniature dueling game Unmatched, published by Mondo and Restoration Games. Well, imagine my delight when I learned that Restoration Games was sponsoring a contest that asked fans to design… Continue Reading

Board Meeting recap and discussion: Cinephile and Double Feature

This week on Board Meeting, special guests Kristine and Kelsey joined Dave, Janelle and I to play the movie-themed card games Cinephile (designed by Cory Everett and illustrated by Steve Isaacs) and Double Feature (designed/illustrated by John Kovalic) to celebrate… Continue Reading

The Arena Discussion Archive: Returning to Dragon Ball FighterZ (11-21-19)

On this week’s episode of The Arena, Erik Kersting, Daniel Marques, and I played Dragon Ball FighterZ. We’re revisiting FighterZ within the context of our month-long theme of competitive fighting games. This week, Erik introduced the idea of a taxonomy of fighting games and we talked about what… Continue Reading