Panel ContentCoffee Break

In the middle of a long day of classes or out of energy? Tune into Coffee Break on Mondays from 12-1 PM CST! A sister to Lunch Zone, Coffee Break features a roulette of showrunners, games, and lattes. Our goal: to balance the delicate flavors of discourse and plain old fun

The Lunch Zone

The main course of Serious Play, Lunch Zone features a rotating menu of games, conversations, and lunchtime banter. Generally, this show focuses on applying interdisciplinary theories to whatever we’re playing. Grab a bite to eat and join us every Wednesday from 12-1 PM CST.


The Arena

The Arena is a show that celebrates and discusses competitive gaming and eSports. At The Arena, you’re never gaming alone and we enjoy a fun dose of tension and resolution as we compete with one another. We’ll be there Tuesdays, from 1-2:30 PM CST.


Board Meeting

On Board Meeting, we play board and card games! Join the board each week as we learn new games, teach each other our personal favorites, and flip tables. Who will win, who will lose, it’s all in the cards (or dice). We meet Mondays from 9:45-11 AM CST!




Couch Surfing V.E.

Every other Tuesday from 10 AM-12 PM CST, Ryan and his brother Drew rip a hole through time and space to play cooperative games together, alone! We explore what it means to cooperate from a distance. Streaming on the weeks opposite of Diss Tracks.


Panel ContentDiss Tracks

Join Ryan every other Tuesday from 10 AM-12 PM CST as he makes tracks towards writing a dissertation. Come for the game analysis, stay for the game design. Word to ya motha. Streaming on the weeks opposite of Couch Surfing Virtual Edition.

Doctors and DMs

Casey B runs a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game in a homebrewed world! The last half hour of each show is a critical discussion of gameplay, storytelling, and social interactions. Game sessions run from 1:30-4:30 PM CST on Fridays. Check the Twitch channel for details about which session is upcoming.


Fan Game Follies

Have you ever played a mod, or watched a livestream? Are you a fan, a stan, or anything in between? Join David every Thursday from 4-6 PM CST as he explores the fantastic world of fan games, mods, and video game fan communities!




Massive Multiplayer Mondays

We’re going on an adventure into the vast worlds of Massive multiplayer online worlds! Take a few hours each Monday from 3-5 PM CST to get a look at how games like World of Warcraft craft worlds and bring new players in. Come for level grinding and quest gathering, stay for the discussion.