FoodBev 102 “Taste” Final Exam – May 18, 2017

The culmination of the gateway class for the Fermentation Studies certificate, taught for the first time in spring 2017, was the presentation and evaluation of the beverages produced by those students who had opted to do both a paper and try their hand at fermentation. Two students brought samples of kambucha and three brought fermented malt beverages, one a traditional German Altbier that had been subjected to FTIR analysis as it fermented, one an experimental project in which the ale recipe remained the same but the various pre-hops flavorings, which included mugwort and fennel, were varied, and one a low ABV unhopped beverage that included wormwood and several other pre-hops plant additives. All of the projects were interesting and the products in several cases were remarkably successful and highly drinkable. As one student remarked as the class dispersed for the last time “Best final exam ever!”.