Arnold quoted in USA TODAY article on Heuneburg excavation

Exotic bling shows ancient ‘Lady’ was fashionista with worldly taste

Traci Watson, Special to USA TODAY
Published 1:49 p.m. ET Feb. 1, 2017

A fabulous hoard of jewelry and unprecedented objects recovered from the grave of a high-ranking Celtic lady who lived more than 2,500 years ago hint at far-flung trade across Europe.

Gold brooches (top) from the grave of the Celtic Lady, who was buried in 583 BC in what is now Germany, and gold earrings (bottom) of the little girl buried nearby. (Photo: Yvonne Mühleis, State Office for Cultural Heritage Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

Among the treasures in the grave were golden brooches, an elaborate gold-and-amber necklace and a long gold earring that looks like 21st-century club bling. The site, located in what is now southwestern Germany, is the earliest such “rich grave” of a Celtic woman and one of the few like it to have escaped looting, researchers said.

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