Keltenbräu 1.0

Brewed at Wisconsin Science Festival (October 22, 2016)
Power Drinking in Prehistoric Europe

Unhopped ale based on the botanical evidence recovered from the Iron Age site of Hochdorf-Reps, Germany (Stika 2010). A version of this brew was first produced by Kevin Cullen in 2012 as part of the “Ale through the Ages” brewing series at Discovery World, Milwaukee, WI.


Hans-Peter Stika 2010. Früheisenzeitliche Met- und Biernachweise aus Süddeutschland Archäologische Informationen 33/1:113-121.

Batch Size: 5 gal.

Mash Temp: 160 F.
Efficiency: 70%
Estimated SG: 1.057
Estimated FG: 1.010
Estimated ABV: 6.7

Grain Bill:

Rahr Pale Malt 2-Row, 8.3 lbs
Weyermann CaraAroma Malt, 1.25 lbs
Weyermann Smoked Malt, 0.8 lbs
Weyermann Accidulated Malt, 0.6 lbs
Weyermann Carafa I, 0.5 lbs


Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) 0.5 oz., add @ 15 min.
Carrot Seeds (Daucus carota) 1.0 oz., add @ 30 min.


Wyeast Roeselare Ale Blend


Using one pot, mash grains at 160 F. for 1 hour. Using second pot, boil wort for 1 hour. At 15 min. add 0.5 oz. of mugwort. At 30 min. add 1 oz. of gently crushed carrot seeds. Pitch yeast at 75 F. Ferment for up to three weeks. Bottle with 5 oz. priming sugar. Age at least four weeks before drinking.