New paper on small oscillations of the droplet cluster

Our new paper:
A. A. Fedorets, N. E. Aktaev, D. N. Gabyshev, E. Bormashenko, L. A. Dombrovsky, M. Nosonovsky “Oscillatory Motion of a Droplet Cluster” J. Phys. Chem. C 2019

The work was done mostly by young Russian colleagues, Drs. Aktaev and Gabyshev, who studied the vibrational spectra of small oscillations of the droplet cluster. Cluster tends to vibrate as a whole, and the phenomenon which we report is likely related to the very nature of those fluid mechanical forces, which result in the existence of the cluster. These oscillations are caused by a complex dynamic interaction between the droplets and the nonsteady gas flow. The path of the center of the droplet cluster is similar to a random walk in a potential well.