Curriculum Vitæ


Michael Nosonovsky, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Phone: (414) 229-2816 E-mail:

(A) Professional Preparation
St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia Mechanical Engineering MS/BS 1992
Northeastern University, Boston, USA Mechanical Engineering PhD 2001

(B) Appointments
2023-present Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
2015-2023 Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
2009-2015 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
2007-2008 Research Scientist, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology.
2005-2007 NRC Scholar, Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Gaithersburg, MD.
2002-2005 Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar, Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- and Nanotechnology & Biomimetics, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University.
1997-2001 Teaching/Research Assistant, Graduate School of Engineering, Northeastern University.

(C) Special honors and awards

• ASME Fellow, since 2016
• Lady Davis Fellowship, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Spring 2017 (sabbatical leave)
• Visiting Associate Professor, The Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Fall 2016 (sabbatical leave)
• Global Studies Fellowship, UWM, 2015/16
• Best reviewer award, ASME Journal of Tribology, 2015
• Excellence in Research Award, CEAS, 2013
• Certificate of appreciation by the American Chemical Society for valuable contribution and dedicated service in peer review of manuscripts submitted to the journals of the society (January, 2012)
• ASME Burt L. Newkirk Award 2008 “for outstanding theoretical research in nanotribology, adhesion, and tribology of functional biomimetic surfaces”
• Best reviewer award, ASME Journal of Tribology, 2006
• National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 2005-2007
• Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, NLIM, Ohio State University, 2004
• Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Northeastern University, 2001

(D) Selected Publications (3 books, 4 edited books / journal issues, > 20 chapters, > 70 articles)

Hirsch H=40 (Google Scholar) H=30 (Web of Knowledge) H=31 (Scopus)
Total citations: 6570 (Google Scholar) 3708 (Web of Knowledge) 4100 (Scopus)
1. M. Nosonovsky and V. Mortazavi From friction-induced vibrations to self-organization: mechanics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics of sliding contact (CRC Francis & Taylor, 2013)
2. M. Nosonovsky and P. K. Rohatgi Biomimetics in Materials Science: Self-healing, self-lubricating, and self-cleaning materials (Springer Series in Materials Science, 2011, ISBN 978-1-4614-0925-0)
3. M. Nosonovsky and B. Bhushan, Multiscale Dissipative Mechanisms and Hierarchical Surfaces: Friction, Superhydrophobicity, and Biomimetics (NanoScience and Technology Series, Springer, Heidelberg, 2008)

Edited Books and Journal Issues
1. P. L. Menezes, S. Kailas, M. Lovell, M. Nosonovsky, S. Ingole (eds.) Tribology for Scientists and Engineers (Springer, 2013)
2. M. Nosonovsky and B. Bhushan (eds.), Green Tribology (Theme issue of the Phil. Trans Royal. Soc. A., 2010), Vol. 368
3. M. Nosonovsky (ed.) “Entropy and Friction” special issue, Entropy (MDPS, Bazel), 2010
4. M. Nosonovsky (ed.) “Surfaces for water-related applications” special issue, Surface Topography (Institute of Physics, Bristol, UK) forthcoming 2017

Selected journal publications (total >70)
1. R. Ramachandran, N. Maani, V. Rayz, and M. Nosonovsky* , “Vibrations and spatial patterns in biomimetic surfaces: using the shark-skin effect to control blood clotting,” Phil Trans Royal Soc. A (2016, invited)
2. M. Nosonovsky* and V. Hejazi “Why superhydrophobic surfaces are not always icephobic” ASC Nano, Vol. 6 (2012), 8488-8491, IF=12.88
3. V. Hejazi, A. Nyong, P. Rohatgi, M. Nosonovsky* “Wetting transitions in underwater oleophobic surface of brass” Adv. Mater 24 (2012) 5963–5966, IF=17.49
4. V Mortazavi, C Wang, M Nosonovsky* “Stability of Frictional Sliding With the Coefficient of Friction Depended on the Temperature” ASME J Tribology 134, 041601
5. M. Nosonovsky*, “Slippery when wetted” Nature 477 (2011) 412-413 IF=41.46

(E) Teaching
• ME 360 “Mechanical Design”
• ME 490 “Special Topics in ME – Functional and Biomimetic Surfaces”
• ME 726 “Mechanical Vibrations”
• ME 715 “Numerical methods in engineering”
• ME 760 “Dynamic problems in Mechanical Design”
• ME 726 “Mechanical Vibrations”

(F) Mentoring
• Five MS students (C. Wang, M. Mortazavi, Md Haider Ali, Robert Joseph Morien Jr., Aaron Blumenthal), three PhD students (V. Hejazi, V. Mortazavi, R. Ramachandran) graduated, two PhD students in progress (Nazanin Maani, Sridhar Lanka, Md Syam Hasan)
• Served on theses committees of >20 graduate students, supervised research of >10 undergraduate students

(G) Service and Contributions to the profession
Scientific Reports, Editorial Board member, Nature Publishing Group, since 2018
Surface Topography, Editorial Board member, Institute of Physics, Bristol, UK, since 2016
Entropy Journal, Editorial Board member, MDPI, Bazel, Switzerland (Impact factor=1.4), since 2007
• Springer Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, “Biomimetics” Section Editor
• Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) since 1997, Member-at-large of the Tribology Division Executive Committee (Leadership Group), 2014-2016, member of the Contact Mechanics Committee of the ASME Tribology Division (2002-2005), Education Committee (2009-2010)
• Reviewer for Nature, PNAS, Langmuir, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Nano Letters, Angewandte Chemie, and for many other journals of ASME, ACS, AIP, RSC, etc., as well as for various funding agencies in the US and abroad
• Organized a graduate student workshop on bio- and green tribology at IJTC, a symposium on Biomimetic and Green Tribology at ASME/STLE International Joint Tribology Conference (IJTC)
• Advisory committee member, MMT conference (Ariel, Israel), 2014 and 2016
• Participated in various ASME conferences (ASME IJTC, ASME ESDA) as a section or session chair
• ME Graduate Program Committee (since 2009), helped to prepare and grade PhD qualifying exams, recommend on TA assignments and graduate awards and fellowships
• CEAS Scholastic Appeals Committee (2012-2015), resolved disputes and student grievances

(G) Research covered in press (selected)
• “Omniphobia: the stuffs that stick at nothing” by Jessica Griggs (New Scientist 30 November 2012)
• “Worth Pitching?”: Mysteries of Rain and Ice (Scientific American blogs, October 5, 2012)
• “Soots you, Sir” (Daily Mail, 2 December 2011)
• “Carnivorous plant inspires super-slippery material” (New Scientist, 21 September 2011)
• “Blueprint to repel oil and water” by S. Perkins (Science News, December 6, 2008)
• “On the Road to Low-Friction Micro Devices, Some Bumps” (New York Times, January 27, 2005)