Current graduate students

  • Md Syam Hasan, PhD student
  • Sridhar Lanka, PhD student
  • Aaron Seth Blumenthal, MS student

Former graduate students

  • Nazanin Maani, 2014-2017, PhD student and dissertator (“Computational Modeling of Biomimetic Surface Microstructure for Blood Flow and Filtration” co-advised with Dr. V. Rayz), transferred to Purdue Universitry
  • Robert Joseph Morien Jr., graduated in December 2016. MS thesis “Computational Modeling of Transient Processes During Run-in in Tribological Systems”
  • Vahid Hejazi, graduated in May 2014 with PhD, now at Rice Univerity. Doctoral thesis “Wetting, Superhydrophobicity, and Icephobicity in Biomimetic Composite Materials”
  • Vahid Mortazavi, graduated in May 2014 with PhD, now at Louisiana State University. Doctoral thesis “Modeling instabilities and self-organization at the frictional interface”
  • (co-advised by Prof. Roshan M. D’Souza)

  • Rahul Ramachandran, graduated in Spring 2016, now at University of Nevada-Reno. Doctoral thesis “Effects of Surface Topography and Vibrations on Wetting: Superhydrophobicity, Icephobicity, and Corrosion Resistance”
  • Chuanfeng Wang, graduated in 2010 with Master degree. Master’s thesis “Transient Processes in Friction: Running-in, Self-organization, and Thermo-elastic Instabilities”
  • Mehdi Mortazavi, graduated in 2011 with Master degree. Master’s thesis “Wetting and superhydrophobicity in polymeric materials”
  • Md Haider Ali, graduated in 2013 with Master degree. Master’s thesis “Gait and Locomotion Analysis for Tribological Applications”

For students who are taking my classes

I teach the following classes:

  • ME360 Introduction into Mechanical Design (a.k.a. “Norton design”)
  • ME366 Design of Machine Components (a.k.a. “Shigley design”)
  • ME475 Vibrations in Mechanical Design
  • ME726 Mechanical Vibrations
  • ME715 Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • ME760 Dynamic Problems in Design
  • ME490 Special Topics – Biomimetic and Functional Surfaces

Specific information for students should be available at the D2L website.
Please contact me by email nosonovs AT uwm DOT edu if you need guidance.