ICONNMR Web Interface

When started, ICONNMR will automatically start a build in webserver.

  • A running ICONNMR session can be accessed through a web browser
  • A VNC connection can be established to give you direct access to the console

Both methods require access to the internal UWM LAN.  If you are not on campus, you need to have Global Protect installed and be logged into the UWM VPN.

Installing GlobalProtect:

https://kb.uwm.edu/83286 (Windows) https://kb.uwm.edu/83289 (Mac)

Connecting to VPN:

https://kb.uwm.edu/89581(Windows) https://kb.uwm.edu/89582

ICONNMR Web Interface:

This remote method will require ICONNMR to be running on the spectrometer.  If ICONNMR is started, a web server is started at the address https://nmr500.chem.uwm.edu:8016

A link to that page will appear on the NMR lab instrument status page:




The link will open a new browser window and a login window will appear:


Enter your PantherID and password to log into ICONNMR.  The ICONNMR control window will open.

The window shows the status of current experiments and a history at the bottom.

  • To add a new experiment, check the box of the holder number you want to add and experiment to.  Then click [Add] at the bottom of the screen.

  • To modify an existing experiment, check the experiment and select [Edit].

Enter the information as you would in the ICONNMR software on the spectrometer.  Note that the dataset name is in the right column.

Click [Add Experiment] to add the experiment ,then [Close Window].

Select the experiment and click the [Submit] button.