Recovering from hangups of power glitches

Topspin Window Locked, desktop responding

  • If you are running automation, you may have timed out and were logged out of ICONNMR.  That will also lock certain functions in the main Topspin window.  Click on the [Change User] button on the bottom right of the ICONNMR window to log back in.
  • If you are not using automation, check for any pop up window, possibly hidden behind the main window, that requires you to confirm [Ok] or [Seen] in order to release control.
  • Exit Topspin by selecting [Terminate Application] from the top left file menu, then restart from the Favorites section of the Start menu.

  • If the Topspin menu is locked, find the terminal window running Topspin, and close it using the [X] button on the top right.This will terminate any ongoing acquisition without warning, so use with caution.

Desktop Not Responsive

Any of the options below will terminate an ongoing acquisition without warning, so use with caution !!!

  • [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Backspace] to force a logout
  • [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F2] gives  you a text login prompt. Login as root and use the adminstrator password listed on paper on the computer case.  Then type systemctl restart lightdm to restart the graphic server, or reboot to reboot the computer.
  • If the [Ctrl]-[Alt] sequence is not responsive, go to one of the workstations, log in, and open a terminal  window from the favorites section of the Start menu.  In the terminal, type ssh nmr500, log in remotely with your password, become administrator by typing su (use the administrator password listed on the 500 computer case), and type systemctl lightdm restart or reboot
  • If anything else fails, push and hold the power button on the computer to force a power off, then turn it back on.

No connection to the spectrometer

After a power glitch or power outage, the spectrometer computer may need to reboot or the console  will shut off.  Topspin will give you messages like “Cannot connect to CCU” or similar.

  • Type ii restartIf the spectrometer is still running, it will restart the spectrometer computer and re initialize various components.  You may need to exit and restart topspin to complete the process.
  • If there was a power outage, the computer will come back on, but the spectrometer will remain shut off.  In that case, you have to push the green  ON button on the top left of the console rack to turn it back on.  Wait a couple of minutes, then  restart Topspin and type ii restartYou also need to turn the temperature regulation on by right click on the sample Temperature status display on the bottom of the Topspin window and selecting [Toggle VTU State (on/off)].
  • If the cryoprobe shut off or warmed up, you need to initiate a cool down.  Check the Prodigy Monitor on the bottom status display.  If it does not say Cold, click the  icon in the tool bar.  In the control window, select [Start Cooldown].  It may take several minutes to an hour for the probe to cool back down, depending on the length of the outage.