Student Investment Club at UWM

The Student Investment Club is where any UWM student may help to decide where to invest real money in stocks.  Our fund is at $84,500 in June 2019 and varies every day. The weekly club meetings expand the knowledge and understanding of its members in the areas of investing, finance, and the economy.  Students “pitch” reasons to buy a new stock or to sell a stock in our current holding.  Students then vote to buy and sell stocks.

Professors Der-Ann Hsu and Dick Marcus were the founding Faculty Advisors of the club.  Professor Hsu has since retired. I continue to be the Faculty Advisor to the SIC since its beginning in 1998.

To learn more and get on the email list for the SIC signing into the Student Investment Club at UWM

1. Go to UWM Engage Student Involvement at:

2. Sign in using your UWM account (use your email name with out and password)

3. Search for Student Investment Club at UWM

4. Sign up.

The Facebook Page for the UW-Milwaukee Student Investment Club  Click here, but Facebook requests that you login to Facebook, so if you are not a Facebook user skip this link.