Social Media Connectivity

I connect with current and past students with Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  I am exploring Slack, but don’t use it yet for faculty conferences or research meetings.

Current and past students follow my UWMFinance350 page on either Facebook or Twitter at: which is my primary site or at:, which I sometimes post the same material as on Facebook. These include events around UWM, problem sets for doing Finance or Economics questions, or my thoughts on the economy.

Past students and others at UWM are most likely to find periodic writings on finance, the economy, or trends on LinkedIn at:

Students may also like to see posts on our UWM Student Investment Club Facebook page at:  Over 100 post items of interest on our club’s site.  I do as well.

I connect with my friends, colleagues, college and high school friends, family, and acquaintances on my personal Facebook page at:  I prefer not to “friend” current students, but I do when they have graduated.

For those interested in activities at my Masonic lodge in Whitefish Bay, WI, called George Washington 1776 F&AM #337, you can check that out at:  For some reason, all “likes” to that site come to me, so I guess I am an administrator, but it isn’t essentially my personal site.

So current students, like UWMFinance350 on Facebook, and graduating students join my LinkedIn site for free, up-to-date continuing education.  Thanks, Dick