Mesoscale Research Group

Prof. Clark Evans, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Our group uses numerical models and theory to research the dynamics and predictability of mesoscale phenomena ranging from the tropics to midlatitudes.
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Graduate Student Opportunities

There are currently no graduate student opportunities at this time. We anticipate supporting one new graduate student entering in spring or fall 2021.
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June 9, 2020 – To members of all underrepresented groups: I support you. I value you. May my actions and words elevate you rather than bring attention to me.
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Our Group

We use a combination of numerical modeling and theory to conduct research into the dynamics and predictability of a wide variety of mesoscale phenomena, particularly relating to tropical cyclones and severe thunderstorms. Group alumni have gone on to employment in research, operations, and the private sector.

Dillon Blount

GFS-FV3 Vertical
Profile Evaluations

Anna Kaminski

Northeast US
Atmospheric Rivers

Kevin Prince

Indirect TC Interactions

Giorgio Sarro

Post-Transition of
Tropical Cyclones

Michelle Spencer

SST Influences on
SE Severe Weather

Michael Vossen

Overland TC Intensification