Thank you for your interest in graduate research opportunities in our group! We currently expect to have one opportunity for a new graduate student to join our group in Fall 2023, working on one of the following two projects:

  • The impacts of climate change on downstream development driven by the extratropical transition of tropical cyclones: This study will use a combination of idealized and real-data numerical weather prediction simulations to quantify how our changing climate may influence downstream development – the amplification of the synoptic-scale trough/ridge pattern – that is triggered by the extratropical transition of tropical cyclones. This project would be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Sergey Kravtsov at UWM.
  • How do people perceive their individual hurricane-related risks, and how do their perceptions compare to their actual risks? This study will leverage observations from decades of landfalling Atlantic tropical cyclones to quantify wind-, rain-, and inundation-related risks on a county-by-county basis across the southeastern United States, which will then be compared to survey and social-media data regarding what people perceive to be their risks collected by collaborating researchers. This project would be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Kim Wood at Mississippi State University.

Please feel free to reach out to Prof. Evans to express your interest and learn more about these opportunities and working in our group – he’d love to chat with you! Your e-mail doesn’t need to be very formal – a message that introduces yourself and lets him know that you are interested in learning more is a great starting point, and we can strike up a deeper conversation from there.

In addition to these opportunities, we’re happy to help you prepare an application to an external graduate fellowship program, such as those offered by the AMS, NSF, NASA, and other entities. Because the deadlines for these programs are often in the fall before you would enter graduate school, students interested in applying to these programs are encouraged to reach out to Prof. Evans a year ahead of time (e.g., a student entering in fall 2023 should reach out by the start of the fall 2022 semester) to discuss research opportunities and plan your application.

Prof. Evans’ advising philosophy centers around treating you with respect, viewing you as a professional peer. He strives to get to know you individually and tailors his mentoring approach to your unique needs and abilities. He strives to ensure that you will have the opportunity to present your research at one or more AMS conferences per year and to publish your research findings as lead author in leading journals. Our group’s alumni have strong track records of recognition, and all have chosen to continue their studies to the Ph.D. and/or have found fruitful post-graduation employment across the field and beyond. Please feel free to contact Prof. Evans to learn more about his advising and mentoring philosophy. Likewise, please feel free to directly contact any of our group’s current members or alumni to inquire about their experiences in and perspectives about our group!