Our research makes extensive use of local and national computing and supercomputing resources.

The UWM mortimer supercomputer features 3,920 Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen processing cores, 52 TB of RAM, ~2 PB of RAID storage, and multiple GPUs. Our group has a dedicated 90 TB of RAID storage on mortimer. Our research group uses mortimer for the bulk of our moderately intensive numerical simulations.

Our group’s research has also made and/or currently makes use of national-level resources at NCAR (yellowstone, cheyenne, and HPSS) and through XSEDE/ACCESS (comet, wrangler, jetstream, and expanse). These resources have been used to support collaborative research with investigators at other institutions and for Prof. Evans’ graduate-level Numerical Weather Prediction course.


GitHub Repository

  • Public repository for some of our group’s research and general purpose codes.

WRF-ARW v4.5.x Guide
December 2023

  • User’s Guide for WRF-ARW v4.5.x on UWM’s mortimer supercomputer.