Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the audience of this site?

This site is designed mainly for students at School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as well as anyone who is interested in digital libraries design, development, and management.

How do I access items in the collection?

Browsing the collection

The collection has five tabs to browse, Collection Development, Digitization, Metadata, Interface Design and Evaluation. Each of the tabs has five categories displayed in a dropdown menu, Summary, Software & Tutorials, Sample Files, Exercises and Resources & Best Practices. You can scroll down and click on an area of interest or other refined topics displayed to the side of the menu choices. The five categories are also at the bottom of the page for easy reference.

Accessing the collection

Some of the presentations and tutorials in the collection can be viewed from within the collection itself. Just click on the arrow displayed on the image to begin viewing.

To access software, tutorials, or some sample files click on the link provided which will bring you to the online webpage on the specific information. Specific requirements for software are specified either on our collection page or on the specific webpage for the software.

To access suggested readings, please click on the provided link to access. If a link is not provided, please use the given information to research the article in another resource outside of DLTRe collection.

To view other existing digital collections, please click on the link of the specific name of the collection. This will bring you to the online webpage.

To access PDF documents, click on the link provided and they will be viewed within the collection. PDF files can be viewed in Adobe Reader

To access the sample files for the digitization enhance image exercise and multimedia exercise, simple click on the link provided and the images will be automatically downloaded onto your computer for use. For the metadata exercises, the images can be viewed on the collection site. If you would like to download the images onto your computer, simply click on the link provided and follow the directions accordingly.

How do I get back to your website after viewing the items linked from the collection?

The best way to get back to our website is to use the back button on your browser.

Where can I find out more about copyright information?

The sample files provided in the collection are for educational purposes only. The sample files are part of the AGSL Digital Photo Archive. Permission is needed to reproduce materials for publication or distribution. Permission Form for Reproduction of Materials

How do I provide suggestions and comments?

Please send your suggestions for resources to be included and comments about the site to Professor Iris Xie (