Digitization: Summary

This module focuses on the digitization process including images, audio, and multimedia. Each of the module’s sections are summarized below:

  • Software & Tutorials: Discusses mainly open source software for digitizing and editing images, audio, and multimedia (the multimedia portion includes two proprietary programs, Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie). This section is subdivided by format type, and covers the following programs: Audacity (audio), GNU Image Manipulation Program (image), iMovie (multimedia), Music Editor Free 2012 (audio), Open Movie Editor (multimedia), Paint.net (image), VideoLAN Movie Creator (multimedia), and Windows Live Movie Maker (multimedia). Each program summary contains system requirements and tutorial links.
  • Sample Files: Two different groups of sample files are provided; one for each of the exercises.
  • Exercises: Contains an enhance image exercise and a create multimedia file exercise.
  • Resources & Best Practices: Listing of suggested readings on digitization and best practices.

Digitization Overview

Please watch the presentation below for an overview of digital images.



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