SHM^2 (Structural Health Monitoring of Self Healing Materials)


  • Structural Health monitoring and self-healing materials are two hot areas of modern research with the similar goal of reducing failures in engineered structures.  These fields seek to create a paradigm shift in design enabling lighter-weight more efficient structures and averting catastrophic failures through knowledge of structural state or innate healing capabilities respectively.  The advanced structures lab is pursuing simultaneous research in both fields with the goals of advancing each field on its own and integrating them.


  • Structural Health Monitoring research has focused on integration of ultrasonic techniques with self healing material structures.
  • Research into self-healing materials has spanned from investigation of individual structural components through complete integrated self healing structural systems.



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This research has been supported by:

  • The Support for Undergradutate Research Fellows program administered by The Office of Undergraduate Research at The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • Funds provided by The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee